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Whether you’re hosting a Halloween after-party, a charity dinner or a live music festival featuring Pitbull, we want to be part of your success. Create an event on Yapsody (which is the ONLY pre-requisite) and let us help you promote your event across platforms of your choice. Our in-house marketing team is happy to share the load.


And it is absolutely FREE.

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For every event you list on Yapsody, our in-house marketing team can create a social media post based on the assets you provide, making event promotion easier for you in two ways.

  1. Reach out to a brand new set of audience that hasn’t heard about your event.
  2. Save time and effort by simply sharing the post we’ve created for your event.

We primarily promote events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and LinkedIn, depending on the nature of your event.)

Get a Premium Listing

List your upcoming event on Yapsody for FREE and increase visibility by 10x! Leverage our high search engine rankings and get your event featured on top in your event category OR along with awesome events happening in your city.

Blog About Your Event

Would you like a blog post written exclusively for your event? Simply email the Yapsody marketing team and we’ll publish a post about your event on our website, covering all the details you’d like. Pre or post-event, we do it all. Prerequisites for blogging about your event are: 

  • Name of Event
  • Event Image
  • Date, Time and Venue
  • Event Description
  • Event Highlights

Yapsody’s Posts With High Engagement Rates - A Glimpse


Our event posts shared on Facebook have generated the best levels of engagement, with post reach crossing the 500,000 mark.
Pitbull - Facebook
Smith & Jones - Instagram


The most popular social media channel of 2019 is here to stay! We post creative content and use the right hashtags that’ll give your event the visibility it needs.


Retweet and get retweeted! Engage with fans and answer queries real-time on the most customer-centric platform.
Judas Priest - Twitter

Engagement by the Event Presenter

Social media algorithms work in a way that posts with the maximum likes, shares and comments show up in the news feed. As a presenter, engage with the event post and respond to comments to grow your audience.

Engagement by the Event Participants

Event attendees love interacting with the stars of the show. Whether you’re organizing a beer fest, a film screening or an afternoon tea party, get your event participants to engage with the social media posts you share to increase your event’s popularity.

Leveraging Yapsody's SEO for Your Events

When you get your event listed on a high ranking website, magic happens. Your event becomes organically visible to people looking for events to go to.
With a subdomain of your own choice, Yapsody’s SEO tools and high website rankings, your event will get just the nudge it needs to boost ticket sales.
Created an event on Yapsody you’d like us to promote? Tell us what you’re looking for at marketing@yapsody.com or fill the form and we’ll publish event posts on your behalf. All you’ll have to do is share it from your public profile or page.

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