Customer Support Service For Online Event Ticketing

For us, every event presenter is equally important, whether you sell 10 or 100,000 tickets for your event. If you ever get stuck or have any queries while setting up an event or even when your event is on-sale, our 24/7 support team is always available at hand to provide you with guidance via live chat, email, or schedule a callback. Yapsody’s online ticketing system provides 24×7 chat support for both event presenters and attendees wanting to book tickets online.

Create your next event with Yapsody and let our Support team handle your customers like they are ours. Try it out now. No fees on selling your first 50 tickets!

Support As A Service

Although we have a number of features to serve our presenters as part of Technical Support, Chat Support is the definite show-stealer as more than 70% of your customers contact us on chat. It definitely is a winner, because it takes so little efforts to click on that little side window that’s always there and receive help in a single click!


  • On your event page of the ticketing system which is your personalized online ticket store, we have installed a chat widget that your customers can use to contact us and we’ll guide them through their purchase.
  • In our Help Center, you’ll have 24×7 access to Support FAQ & Knowledge Articles which will assist you and your customers get the required information in a few seconds.
  • We handle the technical issue which your Buyer experience while booking tickets.
  • We guide your Ticket buyers about how to make payment, print tickets.
  • We answer all the FAQ questions related to Event raised by your Ticket Buyer from the FAQ section of your Online store.

24/7 Availability

  • We provide 24 x 7 Chat Support to Ticket Buyers.
  • We provide request based phone support to the Ticket Buyer.
  • We have maintained more than 95% Ticket Buyer Satisfaction score over the last many years.

Notify Presenter Policy (NPP)

  • Our Chat Support Professionals are trained to answer any technical query, but if your customer is seeking some event related information, we’ll send an email to you requesting clarification on the same and then your ticket buyer will be updated about it. This ensures 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We re-direct ticket buyers for Refund issue to you and also send you an intimation email about the same.
  • If your ticket buyer wants to buy tickets for an already sold-out event, we immediately inform you about it. This has helped our presenters to boost their online ticket sales even after an event is sold out and generate additional revenue.
  • If your ticket buyer has some questions which are not answered in the FAQ section, we re-direct their query to you. Additionally, we also consult with you to get an answer for such questions so that it can be added to your FAQ section after seeking your permission.

What ticket buyers have to say about us

Had a difficult time reaching the accounting department. Tried using "chat" on website as a last resort, and it end up working out. Thanks.

Daniel Brown

Prefect customer service. Sam answered all questions. And gave me advice on how to book the number of tickets that I need. Great job!


I really appreciated the quick response to my problem and how effectively Jeff resolved my issue!! Thank you so much!

Michelle Nathan

Austin was very helpful in helping mw get to where I needed to go. Answered very quickly and was very knowledgeable!! Appreciate his customer service skills!!

Kathy Johnson

Harry was the best and i would like to say excellent customer service. Harry is a SuperSTAR! Harry RoCKS!! Five Stars

Beverly Williams

Lionel was quick to respond and very helpful, answered all my questions clearly allowing the situation to be resolved. Thank you again, Lionel.

Virginia Podobinski

Great customer service - prompt reply which helped me to purchase the tickets that I wanted. Thank you!

Julie McClure

Scott, my call handler, was terrific! Very thorough, helpful, and additionally provided me with further details to assist me in the next steps required to resolve the issue

Kelly Andrew

Austin was AMAZING!!! First, he talked me off the ledge so to speak. Then he researched what was going on and reassured me that I hadn't purchased NOR OVER-DRAFTED my bank account with unwanted multiple purchases. Thanks for the peace of mind your gave Austin.


Lionel was a pleasure to deal with, very polite and professional. Very easy to work with. Thank you very much.


Harry was very helpful!! We have had severe weather in our area, and it has affected our Internet services. He stayed on line with me for several attempts at purchasing tickets until we succeeded!

Debra Lemson

Had the good fortune of getting placed with the same chat rep. twice. Fast, precise, polite. Highly Recommend.


Usher was very helpful during our chat, He listened to me during a difficult time and appreciate his time.

James Evans

Scott was incredibly helpful and pleasant to chat to! I was assisted beyond my expectations and beyond his role as a technical advisor. He is great at what he does and has encouraged me to want to visit Yapsody again. Wish there were more Scott's in the world!

Claire Clifford

Marcus was extremely helpful, absolutely delighted with his service. He went out of his way to explain where he could and couldn't help, and emailed the presenter on my behalf to try and help. Excellent work!


Usher was AWESOME! I really appreciated his professionalism and helping me to find out all of the info that I need. Great job! Thank you! I rate his help, a "10!"

Jewell Hoffman

Gilbert is very knowledgeable, very helpful and displays fluency in written English online that many people in the UK can't hope to achieve.

Tim C

Sam was SUPER helpful and fixed my problem (which seemed very complex to me...) in a matter of minutes. Great customer service. Thanks Sam.

Gabrielle Anderman

Harry was extremely helpful to me. I thank him very much. I will use your Yapsody. com service again. Thanks again.

Tania Wills

Absolutely amazing - Austin was soo kind and helpful. Thank you for such a pleasing Chat Support experience 🙂


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