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Customer Success Story South Bay Film Society

Customer Success Story South Bay Film Society

At Yapsody, We’re constantly striving to provide the best event ticketing experience for our community of independent event presenters and hospitality enterprises. Our features are crafted to bring the best out of your event management, branding, and marketing that optimizes your cash flow and revenue generation. 

However, due to unforeseen circumstances such as the pandemic, many event organizers and hospitality enterprises faced diverse challenges peculiar to their event or venue type. To offset their distinct challenges, our team has been providing rapid development plans for agile transitions. 

Simply put, a swift resolution for smooth transitions. Here’s a look at one such client where our Customer Success team shines through.

About The Client

The South Bay Film Society was founded by Randy Berler in June 2012 to bring the best of new foreign and independent films to the big screen in the South Bay. They screen films at art house theaters in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. They sometimes hold discussions after screenings for those who are interested and hope through these film events to foster connections and friendships between people in the South Bay interested in film and the arts. 

Randy Berler opted for Yapsody after trying a couple of other ticketing platforms that were fairly expensive and their service did not live up to his expectations.

Shortly after he began to sell tickets via Yapsody, he found it to be exceptional in all aspects and has sold 50000+ tickets ever since they joined us in 2017 with 5 monthly film screenings organized through our extensive feature set.

“The thing that is particularly impressive about Yapsody is their customer support.”

– Randy Berler, Founder of
South Bay Film Society

Dynamic Seating Management

South Bay Film Society wanted to create Reserved Seating events that displayed adequate spacing between the seats while creating seating charts and while their attendees booked tickets as per the current COVID protocols and social distancing guidelines of their state. 

Challenges Encountered:

  • South Bay Film Society preferred the General Admission style of events all this while for selling their tickets.
  • Due to COVID safety and social distancing protocols, it was difficult for them to manage using the same General Admission format of event creation. 
  • They tried one of the events with the General Admission pattern and it was a hassle. 
  • Now, while creating Reserve Seating events they were facing problems with numbering and maintaining the space between the seats, and pricing them.
  • Also once their attendee purchased the tickets they wanted the adjacent two seats to be blocked automatically.

Resolutions & Workaround Offered By Yapsody: 

Ever since COVID struck, we’ve been working hard to implement a host of micro features that would make event creation & seating easier while following pandemic safety protocols. 

Nonetheless, we had informed the presenter that we are already trying to implement that feature, but since it was becoming a hassle for them, we decided to take it under our “Rapid Development” process for a quick turnaround.

How Yapsody Solved the Problem for the Client?

  • Our Technical support’s primary motto was to deep-dive into the exact nature of their issue and requirement and hence scheduled a call back to the presenter to compile all the details.
  • Based on the download given by our tech support, our product team started working on the seating chart by creating the sections and number of seats and maintaining the spaces between the seats as per the chart shared by the event presenter.
  • Multiple ticket types as Single, Ticket, Two Tickets, Three tickets, Four tickets were created. 
  • The ticket description and pricing were updated as per the client’s requirements.
  • The Business and Quality Analysis team then passed over the final requirements to the UI/UX team
  • Upon getting the requirements in place from the Technical Support, Business, and QA teams, it was all over to our UI/UX team to make the design-related changes and implementations on our platform. 
  • Once the sections were ready, our UI/UX team worked for creating a newly optimized seating design for South Bay Film Society.
  • They created a background seating chart design to support the seating section that would be displayed while creating seating prices and while booking tickets.

Upon successful implementation, their Yapsody experience can be summed up by the testimonial below. 

“Yapsody spent a tremendous amount of time helping me learn how to do a reserved seating event and how I can ensure people are spaced properly according to COVID protocols. Yapsody provided excellent customer service! The Yapsody platform makes it easy for me to set up my ticket sales for each event and is easy for my customers to navigate.”

– Randy Berler, Founder of South Bay Film Society


Tickets were sold ever since they joined us in 2017 with 5 monthly film screenings organized through our extensive feature set.

15k - 17k

Tickets were sold on a yearly average throughout the 3 years of partnering with us.


Events were organized throughout their Yapsody journey with ticket sales going off the roof.


CSAT scores were achieved for South Bay Film Society whenever their event presenters had a query.


Custom feature requests for their virtual events were implemented as well as a quick improvement to our Accept Donation button.


CSAT scores were maintained throughout while corresponding with their ticket buyers with a significant chat volume of 190.

Their Experience So Far…

South Bay Film Society found Yapsody to be excellent in all aspects. The low pricing, fit-to-use features, and exceptional customer support made selling tickets to film screenings a smooth and hassle-free experience. Randy highly recommends Yapsody as the best ticketing service he has found in his six years of business.

Check out their detailed case study here.

If you’re an event organizer or hospitality venue owner who needs a quick resolution to your event ticketing functionalities, our customer success team is on standby for you. Feel free to reach out to us and share your issues for a quick resolution. 

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