COVID-19 Resources for Event Organizers
and Event Attendees

Guide To Managing Your Events During The Pandemic

Here at Yapsody, the health and safety of our communities has always been our top priority. At this time, we can only imagine how tough circumstances may be for event organizers and their attendees around the globe during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

For this reason, we want to do everything in our capacity to help you make decisions about your event, so you have one less thing to worry about.

For event planners and organizers who are in the process of figuring out their next course of action, we’ve developed and compiled useful information you may deem important. We’re hoping this will help our event presenters make informed decisions about their current and upcoming events. If you choose to change the status of your event during this difficult time, we’re available round the clock for assistance.

COVID-19 Resources for Event Organizers

COVID Event Management: 5 Point Strategy For Event Uncertainty

The new normal comes with a new set of rules for event management but it also comes with practices that’s to be followed for COVID related uncertainties.

Improving Your Chances Of People Attending Halloween Parties In 2020

While the vaccine seems to be showing a steady progression, the event community is considering the chances of people attending Halloween parties in 2020.

Will COVID-19 Mean No Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween?

Will I be able to organize events for the upcoming Holiday season? Or Will COVID-19 slaughter my Halloween event sales? Here are the determining factors.

What Do Attendees Expect From Your Events In The New Normal?

As the global hospitality and entertainment industry gradually prepares for the new normal, learn what your event attendees expect from your upcoming events

A Guide To Creating Safer Live Events In The New Normal

With safety regulations and sanitization protocols taking center stage in the “New Normal”, are you prepared to take your live events to the next level?

3 Technology Trends That Will Shape Events In The “New Normal”

As we head into the second half of 2020, it remains to be seen how well the industry adapts with the latest technology trends that will shape their events.

How To Use Yapsody For Creating A Virtual Event?

As an event organizer, you might be considering the virtual route for hosting online events as this would be the right time to create a virtual event.

FLAT 50% Rebate For Non-Profits & NGO’s

If you are non-profit entity selling your event tickets on Yapsody, you qualify to receive a flat 50% rebate off your monthly invoice.

5 Types Of Virtual Events To Bring People Together

As an event organizer, it’s time to take the virtual route for hosting online events through these 5 types of virtual events that will unify your audience.

Using Social Distancing To Your Advantage During COVID-19

While people practice social distancing without isolating themselves in the process of it, here’s how you can use social distancing to work in your favour.

Bringing People Together In The Midst of Social Distancing

With social distancing taking center-stage across the globe, people have tuned into the online landscape to have their fill of daily entertainment needs.

5 Event Catering Tips To Consider While Social Distancing

It’s that one element that can truly set your event apart. With the pandemic how can you handle event catering that complies with the best safety?

6 Types Of Live Events That Are Social Distancing Friendly

Considering the audience preferences for safe events in the new normal, here are 6 types of live events that are social distancing friendly.

Premium Ticketing Features To Create Events In The COVID Era

Looking to get back into the game? Our COVID recovery offer combined with our 30+ premium event ticketing features will have you up and running in no time.

Planning For The New Normal: Choosing Between Indoor & Outdoor Venues

With regulations being eased off, the strategy involved to organize an event currently revolves around a big question – WHICH VENUE DO I OPT FOR?

Our Commitment To Serve Event Presenters During COVID-19

Despite the uncertainty COVID-19, our event ticketing platform will be LIVE and our customer support will maintain the same level of service excellence.

Taking The Virtual Route For Hosting Your Events

If you believe in social distancing but not social isolation, we have some good news for you for taking your events online during the COVID-19 phase.

Event Organizer’s Guide To COVID-19

Here’s our event organizers guide which helps you maximize your time and energy during COVID-19

Passing On Ticketing Fees To Your Event Attendees

With Yapsody, you can pass on your ticketing fees to your event attendees and maximize your event revenue for every event that you create.

COVID-19 Event Presenter’s Guide: Strategizing For The Future

A positive approach leading the entertainment and hospitality industry is the quick adoption of using live streaming platforms to host online events, among many others. Without further ado, our event presenter’s guide will help you strategize better.

Using Our FLAT 50% Rebate To Donate To Your Communities

You can use our FLAT 50% Rebate Offer to save up on your money during this critical period and still make a difference in the lives of those communities trying to overcome this pandemic.

Moving Your Event Online Without Cancelling it

Through our event ticketing platform, here’s how you can move your event online quickly without cancelling it for your event attendees.

COVID-19 Event Planning Checklist: Tips For Successful Social Distancing

For those hosting their upcoming events, rather than focusing on an ideal number, focus on an event planning checklist to make sure everything is in place.

Tips To Resume And Improve Your Event Business In 2020

Now that the holiday season is safely resuming, many hospitality & entertainment venues who’ve resumed are looking forward to improving their event business

Event Safety Regulations Expected By Attendees In The New Normal

We designed a survey to gauge your attendee’s safety expectations. To elevate your audience’s safety standards, download our infographic, and learn more.

Event Marketing Tactics To Improve Brand Presence In The COVID Era

With the “New Normal”, the phase-wise opening of businesses has given a ray of hope for event organizers to start planning and improve their event marketing

How To Change Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event

Virtual events are here to stay and you can make full use of it during social distancing.

COVID-19 Event Postponement & Management Tips

Instead of canceling events, you could postpone them for a future date and follow these tips to keep all your guests, sponsors, & production team updated.

Choosing The Right Platform For Live Streaming Online Events

Now that the global audience has collectively tuned into the internet for their daily entertainment needs, it’s time you took the virtual route for hosting events.

3 Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

Sustainable events are the need of the hour and it’s our responsibility to make a difference by adopting a sustainable approach to enjoying events.

Asking Your Event Attendees What They Want

As an event organizer, this is the best time for you to ask your event attendees what they want from you to help you plan your future events better.

How Can Non-Profits Shine During COVID-19?

Apart from front line workers and doctors, non-profits have opened up their hearts to donate to their communities in a time of need. Here’s how you can too.

COVID-19 Resources for Event Attendees

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How to get a refund for events canceled due to COVID-19

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