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Sell Casino Event Tickets Using Our Ticketing Software

Ticketing made simpler and profitable for casinos

It’s an ‘Ace in the Hole’ for all your casino shows and events with our premium event ticketing platform to boost your revenue.

how to sell tickets for casino events

Combine the best of event management features and revenue optimization integrations for ease of ticketing while creating your casino events


Start off by creating events and publishing them on your Online Ticket Store.

Online payment Gateways


Integrate your Yapsody account with one of your preferred payment gateways.

Event Marketing Service


Using our marketing suite, improve your event visibility and sell out your venue.

Real-Time Reporting


Track your ticket sales & analyse sales reports.

robust list of features

Have queries during event setup or while your event is on-sale? Our 24/7 support team has got your back via live chat, email, or a callback.

Align or restrict specific user permissions to your team members based on their role in the dashboard at a granular level.

Sell multiple ticket types by assigning varied pricing to the VIP section, Lounge, or Front Row.

Let our in-house marketing specialists spread the word for you and do the heavy lifting for your events.

Create logic-based surveys & questionnaires to garner useful event planning insights and preferences.

Align or restrict specific user permissions to your team members based on their role in the dashboard at a granular level.

yapsody users get the following key benefits

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24 x 7 x 365 Live Support
Invoice Payment Flexibility
Robust Ticketing Platform

our clients

Trusted By Leading Hospitality & Entertainment Enterprises Worldwide

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Glance through global entities carving a niche in the hospitality & entertainment space using our premium event ticketing features & services.

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frequently asked questions

  1. While creating a Reserved seating event, Click on the Seating Tab
  2. You will see options like Manage Sections and Seating Chart. Click on ‘Add Section’ under the Tab Manage Sections.
  3. You will have an option to either add a General Admission or a Reserved Seating section as per your Seating Chart. You can add multiple General Admission and Reserved Sections as per your Seating Chart

Learn More

  • Event Creation & Ticket Selling: Online Ticket Store, Event Setup Wizard, Virtual Box Office.
  • Pricing & Payments: Flexi Ticket Pricing & Customization, Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations.

Along with our event ticketing features, you also get a host of Enterprise-Grade Features for:

  • Marketing & Website Integrations: Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Wix, WordPress.
  • Mobile Apps: YapScan, YapStat.

Glance through all our Event Ticketing Features.

  • As an event presenter on Yapsody, you can collect your ticket revenue through various global payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WePay, Mollie, Sage, and many more.
  • You will control every payment gateway integration on our dashboard and all the funds would be deposited by the credit card processor directly into your Merchant account.

Click here to learn more about Supported Payment Gateways in your country.

  1. If you’re not an event presenter with Yapsody, Sign-Up to access our dashboard to create your Reserved Seating events.
  2. After signing up or logging in, click on the “Create Event” tab that is located on the top left of our dashboard between the Account name and Search bar.
  3. After clicking on Create Event, choose Reserved Seating.
  4. On selecting Reserved Seating, you will be redirected to your Event Creation page. Enter the details for the ‘Event Info’ and the ‘Pricing’ fields for creating an event.
  5. Click on the option ‘Add Performance’ under the Event Info tab to add multiple performances.
  6. After you’ve finished creating your Reserved Seating Events, you can sell tickets from your Online Ticket Store for multiple performances.

Learn more about Creating A Reserved Seating Event.

With our YapScan ticket scanner for iOS and Android, you can scan and validate event tickets by: 

  • Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  • Laser scanning for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  • Searching attendee name
  • Searching ticket number

Our mobile app – YapStats fetches real-time data for your online ticket sales such as: 

  • Daily ticket sales report
  • Total Ticket Sales report
  • Total Number of Complimentary Tickets Offered
  • The capacity of the Event

Comparison between Total Revenue Earned and Potential Revenue Understand more through our on-ground event day guides.

  • Online Ticket Store: Your online store is a subdomain where all your events are listed. It is visited by audiences to check new & upcoming events being hosted at your venue and buy e-tickets. To start selling event tickets here, you need to set up a payment gateway on your Yapsody dashboard.
  • Virtual Box-Office:  You can directly sell tickets from your Virtual Box Office at the venue by setting up payment options such as Cash, Complimentary, Combined Payment Method, etc. It makes it easier for your audience to directly walk up to the venue at your Box office to buy tickets. 

Learn more

lowest pricing

Premium ticketing with No setup costs and No monthly subscription. Elevate your ticketing experience and revenue effortlessly with Yapsody.

Loyalty Tiers Total Ticket Sold
General Admission (per ticket sold)
Reserved Seating (per ticket sold)
Base Fees

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.

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