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How Wotton Fireworks Display in UK merged their Online & Offline Ticket Sales & Tracking using Yapsody’s Event Ticketing platform

Wotton Fireworks Display - Presenter Spotlight
Wotton Fireworks Display
Wotton Fireworks Display


Were raised annually by Wotton from their beer festivals, firework events, Santa Sleighs, and 10k fun runs.


Event tickets were sold annually ever since they partnered with us in 2019.


Cut off their cost of printing their tickets by giving their attendees e-tickets as soon they made the transaction on their Online Ticket Store.


Non-profit discount was leveraged by Wotton Fireworks Display for bettering their cash flow management.


Event ticketing features were most-preferable among which Reserved Seating, Box Office, Online Payment Gateways, and Invoice Payment Flexibility.


Reliance on our Reporting & Analytics Module to track event ticket sales in real-time solved one of their major hurdles as well as making their “open for all” event planning easier.

Founded in 1969 by a group of gentlemen, Round Table is an organization which gives back to the local community through fun, friendship and fundraising. Running a fireworks evening is their main fundraising event held each year through Wotton Fireworks Display . From the beer festivals, firework events, and Santa Sleighs, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and 10k fun runs, Round Table clubs raise a whopping £3.3 million every year!


One of the biggest challenges faced by Wotton Fireworks Display was to migrate into a stand-alone online & offline ticket selling and tracking platform. In their previous events, they were relying on offline methods and on-the-gate ticket sales. They also wanted to sell e-tickets before the event took place to offset the majority of their costs and be able to track all their ticket sales in one place. Before coming on board with Yapsody in 2019, they were lacking an e-ticket dispensing platform.


Yapsody had the perfect mix of online and offline features for Wotton Fireworks Display to further elevate their experience in organizing fundraisers. Here’s a glimpse of Yapsody features they utilized by coming onboard in 2019 and not looking back ever since:

1. Online Ticket Store

Our mobile and tablet-friendly Online Ticket Store proved to be a massive upgrade for Wotton as they were able to migrate to an online platform for selling their tickets. It also gave them the liberty to customize their ticketing page for maintaining their brand persona. They were able to offset their cost of printing their tickets by giving their attendees e-tickets as soon they made the transaction on their store.

Wotton Fireworks Display

2.Virtual Box Office

Since they organize a lot of ‘open for all’ events, Wotton also didn’t want to lose out on audiences showing up at their venue. With our Box Office feature, they were able to sell tickets on the venue and also keep track of the stats in the Yapsody dashboard. The Wotton team also assigned different types of discounts through multiple ticket types to suit different audiences.

Wotton Fireworks Display - Poster

3. Pricing For Non-Profits

Yapsody recognizes that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities. Wotton loved our event creation and ticketing functionality and decided to opt for special non-profit pricing. Since Wotton Fireworks Display functions as a fundraising entity for the community, they qualified to receive a Yapsody’s flat 50% rebate on their invoice.

4. Mobile Apps

Wotton needed a simple solution at the palm of their hands to streamline a small yet crucial event entry procedure – ticket validation. With our mobile apps YapScan and YapStats , they were able to quickly scan QR codes, validate tickets, and access real-time event stats.

Wotton Fireworks Display - Event

5. Real-Time Reporting

One of their major hurdles was having no access to detailed reports for their inventory and sales. With Yapsody Reports, they were able to access:

– Consolidated Inventory Sales Report: to know attendee and event details such as the ticket amount paid for each transaction.

– Quick Stats Report: a detailed report about issued and unissued tickets with the revenue generated to date and pending payments.

Event Sales Summary Report : graphical analysis of the total number of people who attended their event with the attendee list report.

“We’ve used three different ways to sell tickets for our charity firework night. In the past, just offline and on-the-gate sales. A mixture of offline and online. This year, because we could pre-print tickets for offline sales, Yapsody enabled us to track all our offline and online sales in one place.

In the past, we had no way to see if everyone had arrived on site. Our offline tickets couldn’t be tracked. It was great to be able to know when everyone had arrived on site. Selling tickets before the event massively helps us with our costs. Another great benefit is being able to use either Yapsody’s mobile apps or a simple QR reading app to check people in.”
– Phil Stollery, Wotton-under-Edge & District Round Table 974


Yapsody was instrumental in migrating Wotton Fireworks Display into a stand-alone online and offline ticketing platform. Through a host of Enterprise-Grade features such as Pricing For Non-Profits, Online Ticket Store, Virtual Box Office, and Yapsody Reports, they were able to sell out their venues and offset a majority of their logistical expenses.

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