Hope For Fertility - Case Study

How a Non-Profit like The Hope for Fertility Foundation Deployed Yapsody’s Enterprise Grade Features

The Hope for Fertility Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Utah. Established in 2016, Hope for Fertility was founded with a strong hope of raising infertility awareness and to help eligible couples offset the high costs of fertility treatments or adoption. It functions to bridge the gap between infertility to fertility while evoking a positive journey throughout. 


A nonprofit organization like Hope for Fertility faced challenges such as visibility, difficulty in finding social groups to address their cause, event production, and affordable logistics. Infertility is quite a touchy subject and draws embarrassment from those diagnosed with it. Apart from not finding quality support from other communities, they were also lacking a  functional system that would streamline all their communal activities through affordable ticketing and reservation services.


Yapsody was a perfect fit for this non-profit organization which was lacking the bandwidth to execute much of its outreach and fundraiser activities. Hope for Fertility was able to deploy a host of Enterprise-grade features for their planning, ticketing, and fundraising initiatives. Many of the features that they were looking for, like customized tickets and reserved seating, came at highly marked-up costs. With Yapsody, they explored these features to their advantage:

Organizations under the non-profit category are entitled to a 50% rebate on ticketing fees on Yapsody, making their savings significant. 

Yapsody’s pricing was much lower than other ticketing services, so instead of a mighty $2, they were now only required to pay 76 cents! They availed the benefits of selling tickets online by paying minimal fees.

They customized their ticket design that reflected their subtle brand tonality. By using event-related illustrations, they skipped the same old graphics to evoke a positive vibe surrounding their events. 

Through interactive seating plan creator, you can let your event attendees buy their preferred seats from an onscreen seating plan. Hope for Fertility used this to have an interactive chart for their attendees reserved seating and started selling tickets instantly.

On several occasions, Hope for Fertility approached our customer support to accomplish a particular vision while using Yapsody. Every time they spoke with our support team, they were provided with quick and valuable responses.

“What other companies sell as add-ons or enterprise-only features are standard with Yapsody. This tells me that Yapsody puts its customers first.”

– Chase Palmer, The Hope for Fertility Foundation




Yapsody combined the best of price and functionality for The Hope for Fertility Foundation. What other companies sell as add-ons or enterprise-only features come standard with Yapsody.

Chase Palmer, presenter for Hope for Fertility says, “Many of the features we were looking for, like customized tickets and reserved seating, came at highly marked-up costs. We also couldn’t get any recognition as a nonprofit. Selling tickets was easy and checking them in at the event was quick and simple. We have received many comments from our guests that they really enjoyed our events and that the whole process was very professional. This was due in large part to Yapsody.”