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How Community Theater Group Temple Sinai Players Managed Presales & Discounts Using Yapsody

Temple Sinai - Case Study
Temple Sinai


Congregational and community members volunteer their time, energy, and talents to produce quality theater in the synagogue.


Event tickets were sold ever since they joined us in 2016.


Theatre events were organized which were quite a success and would sell out quickly.


CSAT scores were achieved as they were able to chat with our representatives using the chat feature on the website.


Years of continuous ticketing journey still going strong through our platform.


Reliance on 24/7 instant reports and analytics helped them streamline their operations through our platform.

Temple Sinai is a vibrant and proud egalitarian conservative synagogue dedicated to strengthening members’ commitment to Judaism and community. Their goals are to foster a greater understanding and respect for Judaism, and instilling a love of Judaism and their rich culture in the congregants and their families.

Each year, more than 100 congregational and community members volunteer their time, energy, and talents to produce quality theater in the synagogue, while enjoying each other’s company, raising funds, and fostering respect for the synagogue in the life of the community.


Temple Sinai Players’ theatre events were quite a success and would sell out quickly. Due to the high number of attendees coming in, the seating process would become disorderly, as they would look for the best seat in the house. The theater also ran discount periods during the early stages of the sale, but needed a solution to be able to manage the discounts, implementing and ending it at the right times. Along with discounts, they also wanted to conduct presales, to allow certain members to buy tickets even before the tickets went on sale to the public.


Jill Florin, co-producer at the community theater group came across Yapsody in 2016 while looking for online event ticketing systems. Within a few days of using the software, she found it to be the ideal solution for the following reasons:

1. Reserved Seating

With Yapsody’s reserved seating features, all forms of seating confusion and chaos at the theater was eliminated. Temple Sinai Players was able to give each attendee the ability to reserve the seat of their choice while buying the ticket.

2.Easy Discount Application

Using Yapsody’s ‘Discount Option’ feature, the theater group was able to provide discounts of all kinds. As and when they wanted to change the discount settings, they could instantly make them using the virtual box office.

3. Access Codes

With the help of Yapsody, the presenter could conduct pre sales seamlessly. This became possible with the help of Yapsody’s feature, the ‘Access Codes’ that allowed only those with the special code to be able to enter the site and purchase tickets before it was open to the rest of the public.

4. Chat Support

As and when and issue popped up, Temple Sinai Players was able to chat with a representative using the chat feature on the website. The support team helped them through it at that point of time, giving them just the solutions they needed.

4. Instant Reports

Using Yapsody, Temple Sinai Players had the ability to view the ticket sales’ real time stats using the QuickStats Reports feature. Furthermore, the mobile app YapStats made it easier to check the stats on the go, making it easier to make quick last minute changes, when needed.

“I have found the platform relatively easy to maneuver, and I like that it offers many features not found on other ticketing sites. I’m really happy with the changes made over the years, that makes the site even more user friendly than it was the year before.”

– Jill Florin, Co-producer at
Temple Sinai Players


Co-producer of the community theater group Jill Florin is extremely pleased with the service Yapsody has provided. “I like the report availability. It shows you a quick glance or a more in-depth view.” She states she finds the platform very easy-to-use. “I would highly recommend Yapsody to anyone that is looking for a ticket site that has many options, and has great customer service. I will definitely continue to use Yapsody in the future for our shows,” she adds.

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