How Rock Ford Plantation Forayed into Online Event Ticketing Through Yapsody’s Extensive Features & Pricing Advantage

The Rock Ford Foundation is a non-profit corporation initially formed to save the Rock Ford mansion and maintain it as a museum for communal activities. They exist to further develop Rock Ford Plantation in promoting General Edward Hand’s legacy for the cultural and educational nurturing of the public. It is currently supported by memberships, gifts, grants, earned income from the rental of the facilities for weddings, guided tours, and other fundraising events. Rock Ford is also home to special events such as 18th Century Yuletide Candlelight and Daylight Tours and original theatrical productions such as “The Matchmaker: A Tale Drawn from ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen.”


Rock Ford wanted to foray into the online event ticketing landscape with a feature-rich platform at a convenient price point. Their guest reservations and queries were also limited to telephonic calls only during business hours, hence, missing out on ticket reservations during their off days. They were also expecting features such as e-tickets, ticket printouts, and ease of checking in to deal with sporadic Wi-Fi commonly encountered in historic sites. Rock Ford was also in need of 24/7 customer support that would tend to their guest requests and queries in their absence.


Yapsody turned out to be the perfect elevation point for Rock Ford to foray into the online event ticketing landscape. After coming on board with us in 2018, they’ve been engaging with a larger guest list by utilizing these features mentioned below.     

Yapsody acknowledges the fact that non-profit entities exist for the nurturing of communities which is precisely why the FLAT 50% rebate was perfect for Rock Ford. With our low ticketing fees and pricing discount for non-profits, they were able to maximize their ticket sales through many of their fundraising events. All the proceeds go towards the development of their archaic monument. 

Rock Ford Plantation was able to create and customize their own event page that made it easier for their guests to reserve their tickets anytime they wanted. Thus eliminating the process of handling reservations over the phone and mailing RSVP card with payments. They were also able to fulfill the high demand for online tickets previously requested by their event attendees. 

Apart from letting everyone enter their historic site through General Admission, with our Reserved Seating arrangement, they were able to automate the ticket reservation process for those guests who wanted a custom tour of their historical site.

Before using Yapsody, the Rock Ford Plantation responded to their guest requests within a reasonable amount of time over the telephone. With our 24/7 Support team, Rock Ford guests were able to resolve any event or ticket related queries even if the office was not open. 

After getting on board with Yapsody, Rock Ford was hosting a diverse range of events frequently. Over time, with our Event Setup Wizard, they were able to set up their event pages quickly with multiple event creation templates. 

Rock Ford was able to set up multiple types of tickets based on the age range of their guests since they had a lot of historic programs meant for children. 

Multiple Ticket Types

With low connectivity and frequent internet downtime typically associated with historical sites, they couldn’t rely on online ticket scanning alone. Our apps YapScan & YapStats are supported in both online and offline devices which made it easier for them to alternate their check-in processes. 

With 24/7 access to data, reports, and check-in tools on any device, they had streamlined their event management through our platform.

“Yapsody makes it easy to customize the events for our museum with the various options offered for event set-up. I like that we can add a photo to the event information and give a lot of details about the event on the initial screen. Plus, we can create different categories for tickets, such as age ranges for children’s tickets for our children’s event programming.

Yapsody definitely saves time in our event management. We like that we can format a PDF of guest attendance to include however much or little information as we need for check-in purposes. Also, we have noticed that online sales are gradually increasing because people are accustomed to ordering tickets whenever they want no matter the time of day.”

– Nancy Bradley, Rock Ford Foundation


Yapsody proved to be the perfect mix of online and offline event ticketing platform for an esteemed historical monument like Rock Ford Plantation. Using our extensive set of features, they were able to streamline their entire event management process and increase their online sales. 

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