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How NOLA Voice Talent Foundation Revamped Their Event Management With Yapsody

NOLA Voice Talent Foundation - Presenter Spotlight
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NOLA Voice Talent Foundation

45 - 50

Exclusive performances were organized since they joined Yapsody in 2019.


Tickets were sold through flexible ticket pricing and an easy event creation process.


Event ticketing features such as Invoice Payment Flexibility, Discount Creation, Event Setup Wizard, Reports, Online Ticket Validation, and Revenue Collection made us their preferable ticketing partner.


Rebate on our ticketing fees made it extremely easy for NOLA to provide affordable opportunities for existing and aspiring performers in Louisiana, Mississippi, the Gulf Coast, and further afield.

We’re All About YOU.

Giving the local talent a nourishing space with their driving motto,
The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is a non-profit incorporated in 2009 by Stephen James . It is supported on a voluntary basis by Stephen and his wife Deborah Smith. With 40 years’ experience of training, he has become an award-winning coach, benefiting voice actors and actors alike, as well as corporate presenters.

Their foundation provides affordable opportunities for existing and aspiring performers in Louisiana, Mississippi, the Gulf Coast, and further afield. NOLA is dedicated to creating and providing affordable educational opportunities for aspiring and established actors and voice-over talent, and to support the community using their expertise.


Noah Webster House organizes community based events catering to various ages Being a non-profit organization functioning wholly for the community, NOLA wanted to get past the challenge of having to deal with expensive event ticketing and also avail of features that are aligned for entertainment venues for enhancing the talents of many.


After switching over to our event ticketing system, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation was able to thoroughly improve their event management through flexible pricing, easy event creation process, quick revenue collection, and a host of premium event ticketing features.

1. Pricing For Non-Profits

Being a full-fledged non-profit organization that specializes in the training of performing arts, NOLA Voice Talent Foundations were elated to have found our ticketing platform that came with a FLAT 50% Rebate for Non-Profits.

2. Invoice Payment Flexibility

Invoices are issued by the second day of each month and our invoices are due 10 days from the date of issue. That gives our presenters a total of 12 days to clear their fees and manage their cash flow better. This is precisely how NOLA took their event management a few notches up by focusing on their talent building initiatives without having to worry about cash flow management.

3. Deals & Discounts

With the option to create multiple types of discounts for their patrons and guests, NOLA Voice Talent Foundation found the perfect flexibility for creating different variations of ticket types and boosting their cash flow. Their in-person workshops have been sell-outs. And now, via Zoom at a reduced rate, even more people are hurrying to reserve their spaces – from even as far afield as the Bay Area in California.

4. Quick Event Creation

With 30+ premium event ticketing features at their fingertips, Stephen was able to create events with ease and limited time. Time management is an elemental factor while organizing events, which they were quickly able to maximize through their NOLA Online Ticket Store.

5. Online Ticket Validation & Reporting

Nothing adds more value to our event presenters than our event day mobile apps – YapScan & YapStats. That’s exactly how NOLA streamlined their event day hassles and improved their event management by a vast margin.

6. Easy Revenue Collection Process

Through multiple payment gateways and combined payment collections methods , our event presenters have been seamlessly collecting their event revenue. Needless to say, the NOLA Foundation was at the forefront of maximizing its returns with minimum effort and supervision.

“My favorite part about Yapsody is the ease of creating ticketing for events. Yapsody helped me resolve the biggest challenge I had in the past that is the Expensive Ticketing Platform. Yapsody helped us with the Easy To Use & Saves Time, Quick Event Creation, Quick Ticket Validation & Reporting, Quick Revenue Collection Process. Yapsody’s Customer Support was VERY much helpful. I would definitely recommend Yapsody’s ticketing platform to others.”

– Stephen James, Founder & CEO


Many a time, event presenters are rightfully skeptical about switching over to a cost-efficient system fearing the lack of features. However, the NOLA Voice Talent Foundation found us to be helpful in solving their biggest problem of expensive ticketing without losing out on premium features.

They managed to revamp their event management by saving time and money, creating events quickly, and collecting revenue with ease.

Our Suite Of Services

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