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How Loveland Classical Schools Pre-Sold Their Tickets and Tracked Sales Using Yapsody’s Event Ticketing Platform

Loveland Classical Schools - Presenter Spotlight
Loveland Classical Schools
Loveland Classical Schools


Efficiency was achieved while planning their school feasts in advance with access to their event sales summary report and transaction wise reports.


Performances were organized for their Madrigal Feast and tickets sold both online and offline based on their availability.


Shifted from a physical box office to Online Ticketing thus allowing them pre-sell tickets online and track sales for each event.


Dependency on our customer support for any technical concerns so that nothing falls through the cracks, making their event a huge success


Rebate on our ticketing fees made it extremely easy for Lakes Shelf to function as a community kitchen in its true sense.


CSAT scores were achieved while solving their queries and engaging with the event presenter.

Currently serving over 800 students, Loveland Classical Schools is a K-12 classical and Core Knowledge tuition-free charter school in Loveland, Colorado. The school defines a classical education by great works, great teaching, and great character.

Their Madrigal Feast is a Renaissance banquet featuring the Madrigal choir at the heart of a dinner theater performance. It is a mixed choir composed of 8-12 graders whose membership is determined yearly by audition. The Loveland Classical Madrigal Singers perform secular and sacred Acappella music of the Renaissance period and take part in many of Loveland’s annual celebrations.


Without an online event ticketing system in place, Loveland Classical was unable to sell their event tickets in advance. Hosting events and special occasions throughout the year, they required a user-friendly platform to track their attendee details and ticket sales, which would expedite their feast preparations.


Yapsody turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle for Loveland Classical Schools and their Madrigal Feast. After coming on board with us in January 2018, they have been using our event ticketing platform to create events and sell tickets online as well as in their venue directly.

1. 24/7 Support

Madrigal Feasts are hosted by parents and volunteers who are not technically inclined to navigate ticketing platforms. Hence, they wanted to use an event ticketing platform that came with a 24/7 Support staff to guide them wherever required. Needless to say, our support staff left no stone unturned in helping them design a stellar event experience from start to finish.

2. Online Ticket Store

Loveland Classical Schools were able to create and customize their own event page that made it easier to sell their tickets online in advance. With our Online Ticket Store, they automated their entire ticketing process and payment collection methods.

3. Virtual Box Office

Being an open-for-all school event, the Loveland Madrigal group was able to issue tickets to guests who showed up directly at their venue with our Virtual Box Office and eliminated their need of hosting a physical box office at their venue.

4. Yapsody Reports

With access to their event sales summary report and transaction wise reports they were able to plan well in advance for their grand feast. Using attendee data and reports available on our platform, they were able to plan their food preparations with precision.

“As a volunteer, I was able to help our organization using Yapsody even though I am not a technical expert. I knew I would have help from customer support 24/7. Without Yapsody we could not pre-sell our tickets. We were not able to determine how many tickets we would sell and didn’t know how much food to prepare. With Yapsody we can sell our tickets online and we do not have to host a physical box office. I contacted Yapsody’s customer support several times and they were always willing and able to solve my problems.”

– Lesley Bodley, Madrigal Feast Volunteer


Yapsody demonstrated to be a distinct mix of online and offline event ticketing platform for a highly esteemed institute like Loveland Classical Schools. Using our Enterprise Grade features with low ticketing fees, their volunteers and event presenters were able to host a stellar annual feast.

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