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How KYMTC Diversified their Customer Base for Theatre Ticket Sales

Kemptville Youth Musical Theatre Company


Months within which they sold 1000+ tickets to get elevated to Gold Tier and avail 20% discount on ticketing fees as part of our Loyalty Program.


Tickets sold on a monthly average for all their theater shows and musicals.


Highly rated event ticketing features by them were the Online Ticket Store, Box Office, YapScan, 24/7 Support, and Seamless Ticket Booking process.


Customer satisfaction score was achieved for solving the queries of their ticket buyers.


Rebate on fees made selling tickets to the KYMTC events extremely affordable, especially for a non-profit institution like theirs.

The Kemptville Youth Musical Theatre Company (KYMTC) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization in Canada that provides children and youth an opportunity to be a part of a musical theatrical production.


KYMTC’s goal was to make it easier for customers to purchase tickets to their musical theatre productions. The client did not have a physical box office so tickets could only be purchased at a business in the town or through cast members. This system did not allow customers from outside the town (most notably customers living in the city of Ottawa, only 40 mins away with a population of 1,000,000), and/or those who did not know a cast member, to easily get tickets. Although KYMTC experimented with a few ticketing applications, those applications either didn’t manage to solve their issues, turned out to be expensive, or didn’t provide the support they were promised.


In 2018, KYMTC came across Yapsody’s ticketing software, after thorough research, and decided to employ it for their upcoming events. After starting to use Yapsody, event ticket sales were carried out seamlessly. KYMTC was able to notify their regulars and potential customers in surrounding regions of new shows and give them the ability to purchase tickets instantly! The challenges of a physical box office vanished as purchases became faster and users were informed well in advance of sold out shows. KYMTC was particularly pleased with YapScan , the ticket scanning app that made theatre access simple and quick.


Online ticket sales made it much easier for customers to buy tickets – especially those from outside the local area. Ticket sales from new customers increased while returning customers appreciated the convenience of online sales. In addition to the low ticketing fees, the increase in advance ticket sales allowed the team to plan event logistics as they knew exactly the expected audience. Furthermore, Yapsody upgraded KYMTC to one of its premium plans, the Gold Tier, as soon as KYMTC sold 1,000 tickets, allowing them to save 20% on ticketing fees for future events. This significantly reduced their overall costs while continuing to enjoy the overall Yapsody experience.

“What really sets Yapsody apart is the excellent customer service.”

– – Kevin Colwell, Assistant Director of
Kemptville Youth Musical Theatre Company


Yapsody was the perfect fit. The account and box office setup was a breeze. Customers reported quick and easy transactions without any hassles. The free ticket scanning app for volunteers made loading the theatre quick and easy. Challenges with purchasing tickets became a thing of the past. Yapsody’s fees are competitive and the monthly invoicing is straight forward.

Their favorite part about Yapsody? Customer service – hands down, it was the best they had experienced. Everything from the free account walk-throughs to the as-needed online chats and the ad-hoc phone support was exceptional. Whenever KYMTC had questions, Yapsody quickly provided answers to them all.

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