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How Hope Harbor Raised Over $10000 for their Benefit Auction using Yapsody’s Extensive Feature Set for Online Event Ticketing.

Hope Harbor, Inc. - Case Study
Hope Harbor, Inc. - Case Study
Hope Harbor


Fundraisers are all it took for them to raise $10000 through their benefit auctions.


Was the amount raised for their non-profit benefit auction using our platform.


Event ticketing features such as 24/7 Support, General Admission, Reserved Seating, and Reports were their most-preferred.


Ease and reliance on our features and 24/7 support for the right guidance which added true value in their event management journey.

50% FLAT

Non-profit rebate was availed on their Yapsody invoice, irrespective of the total number of events and shows put up by them.

Hope Harbor is a non-profit crisis counseling center that provides one-of-a-kind services to victims of sexual assault and their families and friends. Their mission is to empower and support anyone impacted by sexual trauma in the Barren River Area Development District. Their services include 24-Hour Response, Counselling, Advocacy, Education, Fundraisers, and Volunteer Programs among many other community services.


Hope Harbor, Inc wanted to partner with a distinguished and robust online event ticketing platform that they could trust without hesitation. Not having ventured into online ticketing prior, they wanted to streamline their event creation process and have a 24/7 support staff guide them in every step of their way.


Yapsody proved to be an ideal fit and a total value for money for a non-profit organization like Hope Harbor, Inc. After coming on board with us in December 2018, they were able to streamline their event management process by saving time and selling more VIP tickets online. A silent auction with a lot of live jazz, dancing, and drinks in the mix proved to be a night filled with hope. 

1. Pricing For Non-Profits

Being in the event ticketing industry for decades, we acknowledge the heartwarming gesture of communities coming together for a cause. Our FLAT 50% rebate for non-profit is our way of supporting fundraisers and charitable events in achieving their goals. Hope Harbor, Inc used this offer to save money on ticketing fees and cover up other operational expenses.

2. Online Ticket Store

Hope Harbor, Inc team were able to create and customize their event page that made it easier to share it on their social media and sell more tickets in advance. With our Online Ticket Store, they also automated their entire ticketing process and payment collection methods.

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3. Reserved Seating

With our reserved seating feature, the Hope Harbor team created a 1920’s era auction with VIP seating sections. Not only did they sell out all the VIP tickets they also had to create some room for those who didn’t pre-book their event tickets. 

4. General Admission

This is where our most-frequently-used event feature came into play. With the general admission style of entry, Hope Harbor accommodated more guests for their Speak Out Speak Easy night. Every last dollar counts and Hope Harbor left no stone unturned in making their event open to last-minute guests and donors.

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5. 24/7 Support

Like a ray of shining light, our 24/7 support team is always on deck to guide event creators and their attendees. The Hope Harbor team communicated via chat with our support staff for solving all their queries in a timely fashion. By far, our most-preferred service offering that makes every event presenter’s task easier for setting up events and selling tickets online. 

 6. Yapsody Reports

With access to their event sales summary report and transaction wise reports, they were able to track their event success and total number of tickets sold online in real-time.

“This is the first site we have used for tickets, and the only one I will use! My favorite part about Yapsody is their Customer Support! Any time I need assistance with something, they have been there to guide me in the right direction to solve my issue. I have used the chat on multiple occasions and always happy! My issues have always been solved! Yapsody adds value to our event management as it saves time and keeps everything organized for ticket sales. We probably sell more tickets too knowing we are going through a distinguished site.”

– Alayna Milby, Director of Community Engagement


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Apart from having a smooth event creation and ticket selling experience, Hope Harbor, Inc was able to raise over $10000 which is the most they’ve raised so far through their auctions or fundraisers. Nothing gives us more joy in sharing Hope Harbor’s success stories which also sailed its way into the local news channel for all the right reasons.

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