Georgia Smoke

How Georgia Smoke BBQ remained Consistent in their Quality of Service through Yapsody’s ticketing service

Georgia Smoke BBQ is known to be the most authentic BBQ catering company in Atlanta. Brought to you by John R. Lenz and Sam Shober, Georgia Smoke is a socially conscious entity that exists solely due to their love of fire, wood, the right kind of smoke, and logistics, which ultimately makes their community happy with great food. They raise funds for several causes by organizing annual oyster roasts and crawfish boils by donating their time and logistical efforts.


One of the biggest challenges for a catering company like Georgia Smoke is consistency in its quality of service to its community. They always use the freshest ingredients and cook everything to order so nothing is out of place. From sourcing ingredients to serving the food hot,  they never resort to cutting corners. Having raised over $25,000K for Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC) previously by serving 4,000+ oysters, Georgia Smoke wanted to upscale their logistics for the Seventh Annual #OysterRoast in terms of event creation, ticketing, and consumer support. 


Yapsody had the perfect recipe for glazing the logistical requirements for Georgia Smoke’s 7th Annual #OysterRoast to cook up a perfect evening. Here are a few extracts which came in handy: 

Yapsody recognizes that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities. Since Georgia Smoke BBQ focuses on non-profit events, they qualified to receive a flat 50% rebate on their invoice, irrespective of whether it is was a general admission or reserved seating event.

Setting up a fundraiser cookouts can get complicated. Georgia Smoke used our event setup wizard to sell tickets for reservations online. They focused on the cooking whereas our wizard created templates that managed their event on a single page. Being the 7th edition, they also saved time for this recurring event by using the Copy Existing Event Feature.

Yapsody’s 24/7 customer support provides service to both the presenter and the attendees buying tickets online. This allowed the hosts to maximize their efforts on cooking and let customer support do its thing.   

One of the definitive signs of a successful event that happens annually is the scope for improvement.  With this feature, Georgia Smoke collected essential feedback from their patrons which will help them buff up their act even more. It was always about perfection through progress for Georgia Smoke which is where Yapsody added a pinch of help.

“Yapsody had a good deal for nonprofits and I chose it. The system is easy to duplicate events and has good deals on nonprofit events. Their customer support is helpful, quick, and fast. The last thing I need to worry about during these events is ticketing; I trust Yapsody to do its part while I do mine.”

John R. Lenz, Georgia Smoke BBQ


Yapsody proved to be the perfect mix with features like Pricing for Non-Profits, 24/7 Customer Support, Event Setup Wizard, and Surveys. Being such a well-known caterer in Atlanta, Georgia Smoke BBQ  exceeded expectations by staying indispensable in their quality of service through Yapsody’s ticketing service. And after it was all said and done, the community’s fundraising total for FODAC pushed past $25,000.