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How The Dauphin Island Sea Lab Is Cruising Through The COVID Crisis With Yapsody

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30k - 35k

Event tickets were sold on a yearly average ever since they joined us in 2020.


Individual performances and shows were recorded on a yearly average. 

15k - 20k

Event tickets were sold during COVID for their field trips, excursions, seminars, boardwalk tours, and recreational digital programs. 


Events were listed on their Online Ticket Store with 300+ monthly shows and performances taking up the charts in 2020. 


Tailored features such as custom reporting were implemented in record time upon request to match their event management style. 


Customer satisfaction scores were recorded as our support teams handled their high-volume queries giving them the advantage of focusing on their excursions and tours.

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is the state of Alabama’s Marine Science Research and Education Center which serves the public, all levels of government, and the academic community, by enhancing them with ocean literacy programs and events. It was founded in 1971 to provide marine science programs for many of the state’s colleges and universities.

As of today, their community can participate in field trips, summer excursions, seminars, boardwalk tours, including many distinct educational and recreational digital programs at DISL. The Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab hosts a number of events for the public and the community at large.


The event management team at Dauphin Island Sea Lab was looking for a cost-effective, yet robust set of event ticketing features that would help them navigate the new normal of organizing virtual and live events at their oceanic venue.

Primarily, DISL needed a trustworthy online event ticketing system that they could bank upon during the pandemic. They wanted to sell tickets for admission to their public aquarium by maintaining proper social distancing protocols.


Ever since DISL onboarded us in April 2020, Yapsody proved to be a cost-efficient yet trustworthy anchor for their event creation and management, both online and offline. Not only did they make the most out of our premium event ticketing features listed below, but they also requested micro-features that would further their event ticketing journey into a smooth sailing one.

1. Attractive Pricing Structure

Having experienced other ticketing vendors at much higher price points, the DISL management was elated to learn about our fairly priced event ticketing fees. Not only did they enhance their ticketing with 30+ premium features, but they also quickly moved up our Loyalty Program which made their ticket pricing even more enticing. We upgraded them to Platinum Tier on selling more than 5000 tickets in a short period of time.

2. 24/7 Customer Care

Being an organization that heavily tends to their guests and attendees in the great outdoors, DISL was glad to have found an event ticketing partner that had a 24/7 customer care team on standby. Having our 24/7 support to handle their high volume of guest queries have them the advantage of focusing on their excursions and tours instead.

3. General Admission Events

Even with the safety regulations and pandemic protocols in place, DISL was no stranger to a high volume of event attendees and guests who would show at their venue unannounced. Hence a General Admission event  would always be well suited for an open for all style of entry.

4. Online Ticket Store

Not only is DISL a high volume venue and organization, but they also have a large number of excursions throughout. Having their own subdomain in the form of an Online ticket store gave them the online visibility of listing their upcoming 300+ performances on a single platform. This made it convenient for their event attendees to choose the event date and timing of their choice.

They made full use of their online store by listing out all the mandatory safety protocols and a safety checklist video for all their event attendees

“My favorite part about Yapsody is their Pricing which also helped me resolve the biggest challenge I had in the past which was to do with the prices of other vendors! Yapsody allowed us to continue to function during COVID Crisis. The fact that support is helpful and allows for feature requests adding value to our event management needs.”

– Melissa Mills, Information Technologies Manager


This is how they chose to sum up their experience –

“Yapsody offered a great hand in helping us to maintain social distancing requirements during this time.”
Nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing that we are of the utmost value to our clients in a time like this. By solving the challenges of over-priced event ticketing and lack of polite customer support, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab is smoothly cruising through the COVID crisis with our event ticketing platform.

Along with the help of our COVID-19 Resources for event presenters , it became easier to plan smartly during these critical times.

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