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How CRSWCC Transitioned From Offline To Online With Yapsody Event Ticketing

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Cinco Ranch Southwest Community Council


Exclusive tickets were sold ever since coming on board with Yapsody in 2018


Events were organized at Cinco Ranch by leveraging our event ticketing platform.


Switched from manual verification to QR-Based ticket validation thus improving their on-ground management.


Customer satisfaction scores were maintained for Cinco Ranch no matter how many questions they had for us.


Premium event ticketing features used with Multiple Event Creation being the cherry on the cake for Cinco Ranch.


Non-profit rebate offer was used by them to manage their cash flow better in the new normal of online and offline events.

Cinco Ranch Southwest Community Council is a branch of the Cinco Ranch Residential Association. CRSWCC and Community Coordinator are responsible for putting on events for the community within a specific budget and requirement. They have been doing this for over 8 years now and provide their real estate for hosting events and private parties at their Lake House, pool, clubhouse, and nature trails.



CRWSCC was facing the problem of having to verify event tickets from a spreadsheet to email or printouts. Without the help of a unified online and offline platform for creating and selling event tickets, they were unable to get the most out of their real estate.


Being an institute that deals with private parties and affairs, CRSWCC was glad to have found our event ticketing platform with 30+ event ticketing features and a dedicated support team to engage with their large guest lists. The ease of using our ticketing platform seemed to be of significance to their operations.

1. Attractive Pricing

Being one of those lucky event venues having a large outdoor and indoor facilities, Cinco Ranch was able to navigate the new normal of events easily. With our attractive event ticketing fees to go along, their cash flow during the pandemic was also stable. As they’re registered as a Non-Profit entity, they were eligible for our FLAT 50% Rebate Offer For Non-Profits

2. Event Creation Experience

With their own Online Ticket Store, CRSWCC was able to increase their online presence, thanks to our easy event creation process. With a diverse range of events and shows happening simultaneously, they were able to manage it all in one single platform without skipping a beat.

CRSWCC - Ticket Store

With our flexible pricing options they were not only able to duplicate their events but also apply varied pricing for different types of shows and parties happening across their different locations.

3. Mobile Apps

To streamline their event day checklist such as scanning, validating, and viewing attendee data through our mobile apps YapScan and YapStats , CRSWCC was able to deal with their biggest challenge of having to verify event tickets from a spreadsheet to email or printouts. From having to manually handle ticket verification to scanning a high volume of tickets in real-time proved to be a massive upgrade for CRSWCC.

“My favorite part about Yapsody is they provide the ease of the system, they take me along step by step so I don’t forget anything. Yapsody helped me resolve the biggest challenge I had in the past that verifying tickets from a spreadsheet to email or printouts, the app is so much easier to use. Yapsody saved time, money, sanity. It is easy to duplicate an event and tweak it to fit the new date or location. Yapsody’s Customer Support was VERY much helpful to facilitate our event ticketing needs and they answer questions quickly. I would definitely recommend Yapsody’s ticketing platform to others.”

– Shannon, Community Coordinator


Yapsody provided the perfect transition of CRSWCC from offline methods to a unified online and offline ticketing system that would help them get back on track at full speed. To sum it up in short and sweet in the words of their management – “Saved time, money, sanity. It is easy to duplicate an event and tweak it to fit the new date or location.”

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