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How Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group Ensured Ticket Accessibility to Each Organizing Member

Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group - Case Study
Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group - Case Study
The Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group


Years of unwavering loyalty towards our ticketing platform.

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Event tickets were sold throughout their continuous journey with Yapsody since 2015.


Invite-only shows and exclusive performances were organized annually through the Event Setup Wizard for multiple event creation quickly.


Rebate on fees made selling tickets to the Canterbury High School’s events extremely affordable, especially for a non-profit like theirs.


Customer satisfaction scores were achieved due to our support team that has made their job of running ticket sales and managing their events a breeze.

The Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group (CHS MPSG) is a parent group that meets once a month to discuss issues that affect the Music Program (e.g upcoming events, scholarships, upcoming needs, fundraisers etc.) and lend their support where needed to ensure a premiere quality program. The mission of the association, in active participation with students, staff, educators and community, is to encourage and support the Music Faculty and students to sustain a premium quality music program in the enriched environment of Canterbury High School.


Canterbury High School organizes concerts, plays and performances by students on a very frequent basis. To attend these, parents and other guests would wait in line for hours to buy tickets and get seats. On the day of the event, once the ticket buyers made their way into the auditorium, there would often be a mayhem – parents wanting front row seats to watch their child perform and guests reserving seats for their friends to name a few. Each of their events has a set of volunteers to assist putting on the show. Due to the success of the shows, the event would sell out quickly, leaving the volunteers with no opportunity to buy tickets of their own. The team at the Music Parents Support Group soon realized they needed to take another route and start selling tickets online. But the services they came across turned out to be unreasonably expensive for a non profit organization like theirs.


In 2015, Craig Cudmore, a parent volunteer at the Music Support Group came across Yapsody. They implemented the system for their upcoming shows and overcame their difficulties with the ticketing process in the following ways: 

1. Online Ticket Store

Upon signing up with Yapsody, the presenter was given access to a virtual box office of their own. In this space, they could upload all of their upcoming shows and interested attendees could view their list of upcoming shows at once, and buy tickets to the events of their choice. They were able to customize the store the way they pleased – with their brand colors, logo and even their own subdomain, making the page look like a part of their website. Hours of waiting in line became a thing of the past. 

2. Reserved Seating

Using Yapsody, the presenter was able to assign seating types to the seats in the auditorium, to do away with the chaos. Parents wanting first row seats could now purchase tickets to them online instead of having to wait in line on the day of the event to save their seats.

3.Access Codes

To enable volunteers to purchase tickets before they sell out, the Music Support Group could now give volunteers access codes, exclusively giving them the ability to purchase tickets before they went on sale to the public. Because of this feature, their volunteer spots fill up within hours. 

4. Non Profit Discount

Yapsody’s 50% rebate on ticketing fees made selling tickets to the Canterbury High School’s events extremely affordable, especially for a non profit like theirs. They are able to avail each of Yapsody’s premium features and pay significantly lower fees in comparison to the fees charged by other ticket service providers. 

“People are amazed at the level of professional experience we provide through Yapsody for a high school. “

– Craig Cudmore, Parent Volunteer at
Canterbury High School Music Parents Support Group


Volunteer Craig Cudmore says, “ Yapsody has totally changed the experience of our school’s parents, students and guests. With online ticket sales and reserved seating, the lineups are gone and everyone enjoys the show.” What particularly impressed Craig is Yapsody’s non-profit pricing and the top-notch customer support they’ve received. “It has made my job of running ticket sales a breeze,” he adds. Craig has even recommended Yapsody to other groups, many of whom have started to use it and are equally as impressed as he is. 

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