Is your online ticketing system flexible with pricing?

Is your online ticketing system flexible with pricing?

At Yapsody, we believe that a great ticketing system should give you the flexibility to be creative in pricing tickets and applying discounts.

While creating your event and performance you can easily segregate your ticket categories by adding multiple ticket type such as “Student”, “Adult”,” VIP” etc. and apply separate pricing for each ticket. However, where we excel relative to other “do-it-yourself ticketing system is in two areas:

Yapsody Pricing & Discount Feature

  • Yapsody provides the flexibility to apply different pricing and discount schemes to different performances (or “recurring events”) rather than the one-size-fits all approach that many other ticketing systems take.
  • Like other ticketing systems, Yapsody allows you to limit quantity by ticket type.  However, unlike many other online ticketing systems, Yapsody allows for multiple ticket types to be pulled from the same ticket pool.  So for example, rather than allocate a fixed pool of tickets for Adult ticket types and a completely separate pool of tickets for Child ticket types, you have the ability to create a single pool from which both ticket types will be drawn.

Yapsody provides a wide selection of discount types.  There are 5 types of discounts that you can apply to your events:

  • Early Purchase Discount –Encourage early ticket sales by rewarding people who purchase before a certain date.
  • Group Discount – Encourage people to purchase more tickets by rewarding them with a group discount.  In fact, you can have multiple tiers of group discounts.  For example, you can set the discounts so that people who purchase 10 ticket get 10% off and people who purchase 20 ticket gets 20% off.
  • General Promo Codes – Encourage sales by giving a discount to people who enter an advertised promo code.  You can apply validity dates and limit redemption by performance and ticket type.
  • Single Use Promo Codes – Encourage sales by giving unique promo codes to individually targeted people.  These codes can only be used once.  You can apply validity dates and limit redemption by ticket type.
  • Miscellaneous discount – Create your own custom discount without using one of the above preset frameworks.

Bottom line… If you are looking for flexibility, then Yapsody is definitely the ticketing system for you!

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  • Albert Vaccaro says:

    Yes, it’s mandatory to attract more people towards your online ticket platform. As a buyer I would like to prefer only those platforms which give me better discounts as well as flexible working environment so that it can be used by all ages , wouldn’t be so complex. One more thing I want to add is that, primary thing which is taken in consideration is of getting notification at time. There is no benefit of that platform which will intimate you at the last moment when only limited tickets are left because every week dozens of shows/concerts/movies hitting on ticket counters.

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