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Your 2020 Event Venue Checklist

Your 2020 Event Venue Checklist

As an event ticketing platform facilitating event creation and ticket sales for presenters & hospitality enterprises all over the world, we’ve witnessed diverse events and venues working like a charm together when done right. However, a slight misjudgment in venue selection can lead to a messy and unpleasant affair for your event attendees. 

There should be no slip-ups as far as event experiences are concerned. This is why we’re here with your 2020 event venue checklist that’ll put things in perspective.  

1.Understand Your Audience Persona 

Study your audience before planning anything else. We’ve seen countless presenters not considering this crucial piece of recon that would’ve earned them brownie points from their event attendees. Maybe your audience prefers an open-air gig than a club or a cafe. Organizing an event that is preferred by your audiences and fits other logistical criteria is an event presenter’s dream come true. Our Questionnaires & Surveys feature makes it easier for you to ask your audience logic-based questions or just simple feedback.

Click here to learn How To Build Audience Personas For Your Event. 

2. Zero In On A Budget

Make sure you have a ballpark figure in mind whenever planning any event. Especially when it involves a venue that can make or break your event. Venues calculate their prices differently based on indoor/outdoor seating, cost per person and so on. Have a clear picture in mind before negotiating to seal the deal. 

3. Pick a Convenient Location

Don’t pick a venue where your artist can’t reach within 30 minutes. One of the most infuriating emotions to put your event attendees through is make them wait for the artist or even worse cancel the main headliner because they get caught up in traffic. Pick a convenient location that can be easily accessed by road.

4. Mind the Weather 

You can’t parley with the rain gods at the last minute due to your lack of research. Study your location’s weather trends. Even if it rains, make sure your venue has a contingency plan to continue the event indoors. 

5. Calculate Your Event Capacity  

Don’t oversell your event and end up disappointing your attendees with a cramped experience. Ask for a venue and seating chart from the venue owner to make sure you sell the right quantity of tickets. It’s very important to understand the collective impact of all your attendees in once space. Ask yourself, will they prefer a spaced-out seating arrangement or love to walk around freely in your venue? Should you opt for General Admission or Reserved Seating? 

6. That WOW Factor

Just ask yourself this – “Will they do it for the Gram?” For you, an event venue might be just another event venue. For many of your attendees, it might be the first of many. Their first live concert, conference, music festival, or a fundraiser event. It’s your chance to choose an electric venue that truly wows them, even if it’s a small art installation in your restroom. A venue with that X factor will turn your event attendees into your event marketer and recurring ticket buyers.  

We hope this quick checklist helps you choose your next venue wisely. For those still looking for an event ticketing platform that ticks all the boxes, SIGN UP HERE

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