Your 2019 Guide To The Most Effective Event Promotion Channels

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Event promotion and devising how to sell event tickets can be chaotic in nature, simply due to the sheer amount of work and multi-tasking that needs to be accomplished within limited time. As the number of promotional methods and channels available continues to grow, it only adds to the complexity of the task at hand.

Here’s a quick guide to how you can optimize the 2019’s most popular channels to promote your event and sell event tickets.

Invest in Creating Blog Posts

If your company has an active official blog, use this medium to create posts about the event. Make sure your content offers value to the reader before you arrive at selling the event.

For instance, you could do an interview series with event speakers. This will help deliver both, subject value as well as event context to prospective attendees.

It would be interesting to film a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video of the event to showcase readers the amount of scrupulous planning that goes into organizing an event and publish the video on the blog. Using video will help create a more engaging experience for viewers to understand more about the event.

The content does not have to be extremely promotional in nature but it can have an appropriate call-to-action at the bottom. This is likely to give you better traction since the reader has already engaged with the subject and has bought into your expertise.

Partner for Ticket Sales

While expecting your audience to turn up on your platform to buy tickets is only a fair expectation, think about it from the audience’s point of view. If they are not aware of your company and platform, there is little chance that they will discover your event or purchase tickets for the same in good time.

This is when it makes sense to partner with a third-party that has already invested in promoting its online event ticketing platform. Such a company would have spent time and resources in understanding audience behavior and conversion patterns when it comes to selling event tickets online.

This significantly enhances potential ticket sales for you, while saving you the hassle and investment that is required to start building a potential event audience from scratch and getting it to enter the conversion funnel.

Leverage the Power of SEO

Simple as it may sound, a lot of event planners tend to overlook this basic traffic-generating activity. This works at two levels – it introduces your current event to audiences actively searching for relevant knowledge on the web and creates awareness among potential audience about your company’s event offerings.

Before you get down to executing this exercise which is beneficial for short and long-term, make sure you develop a relevant keyword strategy. Create this in the context of competition’s rankings as well as the relevance of your offerings.

Lastly, ensure that your website is mobile responsive as that could impact the ranking as well as audience experience and conversion.

Channel Past Attendees

In the quest to grow and acquire new and larger audiences, we often forget to reach out to those who’ve already vouched for our event effectiveness.

If you have already held an event or if you have some registrations for parallel events, then these guests should be your first set of invitees. Encourage them to spread the word by offering them unique promo codes that they can share with their network. If they earn you registrations, offer them a discount on new event registrations.

In this manner, you would have not just found the right audience for your event, but also influencers and evangelists in the long run.


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