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YapWrapUp 2021: Yearly Round-Up

YapWrapUp 2021: Yearly Round-Up

One thing can be said about 2021 – it wasn’t as unexpected and demotivating as 2020 turned out to be for the event industry. With event organizers taking off on the virtual route and then latching on to the hybrid model, things did land safely back to ground zero – live events!

Widespread access to vaccinations proved to be a pivotal point for restarting live events and it surely was a relief for the entire event industry. We’re truly amazed at the industry’s endurance, adaptability, and quick transition back to the pre-COVID phase of organizing events, with more safety protocols in place. 

Your constant support fuels our commitment to enhancing our platform that powers the creativity to bring people together. Similar to our 2019 YapWrapUp and 2020 YapWrapUp, we’re about to round up this year in a neat summary. 

Here are a few annual updates that we wish to highlight for 2021:

1. Annual Event Ticket Sales

Around 300000+ event tickets were sold on a monthly average by 400 venues/event organizers that had partnered with us in 2021.

2. Yapsody Tier Plan Upgrades

Users who had signed up with Yapsody advanced to a higher tier plan on successfully managing to sell a dedicated no. of tickets.

  • 90% of our event organizers/venues upgraded from the Basic to Gold Tier.
  • 10% have been upgraded from Gold to Platinum and Elite Tier.

As our users move through the tier plans, their benefits of using Yapsody as their ticketing partner increase. 

3. Customer Support Satisfaction

An annual score of 96% customer satisfaction was maintained by our 24/7 customer support for our event organizers and their ticket buyers.

Throughout the year, we phased out feature updates in tangent with our clientele requirements which helped them design safe yet successful event experiences. 

We enhanced features & functionalities on event management touchpoints such as:   

4. Improved Event Communication

Feature Update: E-Ticket Character Limit Doubled 

In the age of socially distanced live events and virtual events, it was crucial to get the word out about your event in a clear, concise manner. Whether it be listing additional safety protocols or credentials for online Zoom workshops, doubling the E-ticket character limit from 250 to 500 has made event-related communication easier and more powerful.

Improved Event Communication

This has not only helped improve their communication for event-related information but also cut down on unnecessary queries, responses, and time spent on calls for doubt solving.  As the character count doubled, event attendee communication became easier.

5. Enhanced Event Safety for Social Distancing

Feature Update: Social Distancing Holds

Event seating and socially distanced sections were turning out to be some of the biggest challenges for any event planner. To ease their event planning, we rolled out our Social Distancing Holds feature into our inventory management system. It turned out to be one of the most-preferred features to be used in 2021.

Social Distancing Hold

This gives presenters & hospitality venues an option to enable automated social distancing holds in their seating sections, where they can block/hold the desired number of seats for appropriate social distancing.

Creating an additional layer of event safety became easily achievable by configuring their holds, hold codes and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from our Event Setup Wizard.

Social Distancing Hold Activated

Our event partners were also adding another layer of safety along through Invite-Only codes, where, only those with your special access code can purchase tickets thus limiting their venue to a chosen number of seats. 

6. Improved Interface for Event Donations

Functionality Update: Paypal Donation interface

Being a testing time for many, our non-profit category of event organizers made the best use of our Accept Donations feature. We just happened to make a few quick updates to ensure higher visibility once their audience purchased the tickets.

Accept Donations interface

7. Invoicing & Cash Flow Transparency

Feature Update: Current Bill Summary

As event organizers and venue owners were swiftly transitioning to the pre-COVID levels of organizing a huge volume of events, they needed a quick update when it comes to looking up their monthly cash flow and expenses while using Yapsody.

Yapsody - Current Bill Summary

We took up their request in record time that would help them analyze their event sales summary and current month’s Yapsody fees in a snapshot.

Apart from the above listed product-related updates, we also extended our daily customer support and marketing services: 

8. Customer Support

  • Conducted 1-hour private webinars to help them understand the platform usage, customized feature demos, payment gateways integrations, how to set up or create events, customize their Online Ticket Store, etc 
  • Our customer support team assisted several event managers in pulling and compiling specific Event Attendee Reports in a timely manner. 
  • They also helped them in creating and mapping event seating charts which may be complex for a few users.

9. Marketing

  • Our marketing team has made it easier to navigate our business services and resources from the minute prospective organizer lands on our website portal
  • Apart from your usual Event Ticketing insights, our editorial team has also made available two new blog catalogs – Customer Relations Blog & Marketing Insights blog
  • As part of our event marketing services to event organizers or specific venue owners, we conducted personalized social media campaigns, promotional event blogs, drip campaigns that helped drive traffic to their online ticket stores and websites. 

10. Concerts & Live Entertainment

Now, that we’ve wrapped up the event ticketing side of things, a little sneak peek at what’s been happening at the live entertainment landscape. A quick quote from Steve Seiden sums it up for the current standing of the live concert & entertainment industry.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that people have become much more comfortable going to summer outdoor shows and being amongst crowds after fear of doing so in 2020 – all of our outdoor shows were very well-attended with few concerned with becoming ill and people generally having a great time again! 

Although indoor attendance has been down a bit in the fall it is clear to see that people still want to be entertained and need live entertainment in their lives to let go of the stress of the everyday grind and negativity in the news and therefore live concerts will always be an outlet in the future.” 

Steve Seiden, President, Yapsody 

What to Expect in 2022?

With 2021 in the rearview mirror, what’s in store for the event industry? Well, speaking strictly from our product perspective, we have a few surprises on deck.

Yapsody Sign-up Screen

We’re re-launching Yapsody with new modules and features within a few months’ time. We’ve re-invented the Online Ticket Store experience for the event organizers and venues who want to go that extra mile with their event e-commerce ventures.

Event Template

Think of a website suite with the power to create your online ticketing store or custom pages based on your overall business requirements from an e-commerce angle. No need to opt for other 3rd party domains or tools anymore.

Yapsody Dashboard Settings

We’re grateful for decades of trust and commitment to Yapsody as your go-to event ticketing and entertainment partner. We would like to retain and nurture your trust through long-term services that power your event success and experience!  

Cheers to your growth in 2022!

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