YapWrapUp 2020: Solving Challenges With Efficient Solutions

YapWrapUp 2020: Solving Challenges With Efficient Solutions

To say 2020 has been a complete roller-coaster might be an understatement. With as many ups, downs, twists, and turns as possible, a tiny molecule is all it took to shake the foundations of our society. A year that was touted to be filled with marketing buzzwords centered on 2020, joy and celebration only went down in turmoil from March when the lockdowns wreaked havoc worldwide. It forced some businesses to completely shut down and others to transform the way they function, navigating their events to be organized remotely or virtually. 

That’s how adaptable our event community is that their event management skills are to be commended. To facilitate their operations, here’s what we contributed to the hospitality & entertainment industry in this continuation of our yearly wrap-up which we started in 2019

Being one of the trusted industry leaders as a Concert Entertainment Provider and an Event Ticketing Platform,  we took it as a challenge to provide continuity for curtailing businesses by extending our suite of services and coming up with pandemic-proof initiatives. 

1. Casino Assistance Program

The vision for Native American casino’s success was brought to reality by our services that have always been about entertainment and beyond. Out of our solid commitment to support the Native American Casino community, we introduced the “Casino Assistance Program” in order to help them achieve a swift and profitable recovery. 

The suite of services that we’ve been offering for assistance: 

Downtime is the best time for reassessing business strategies, market dynamics, customer trends, and profitability. Our business strategy experts helped many in optimizing their internal or external processes whether it be gaming, marketing, hospitality, or any other.

The hospitality and entertainment industry was amongst those who swiftly adapted to the critical situation by ramping up their lines of marketing & branding thereby improving their customer relations. Problem-solving has been our DNA and through our marketing services we spruced up people’s online engagement and brand footprint through: 

  • Tailor-made social media & email marketing strategies
  • Digital branding & conversion optimization 

We also operated as an extension of casino businesses by creating a continuous cycle of engagement through

2. Whitepaper Insights 

As we ventured into the second half of the most unexpected and unpredictable year that 2020 has been, we released our YapStudy which could be highly beneficial for every entity that calls this industry their home ground.

Our YapStudy is replete with multi-faceted dimensions of industry challenges, swift resolutions, insights to match your attendee expectations, strategies for brand marketing & operations, evolving your retention plans, and creating brand loyalty on the road to recovery. 

3. Global Survey Insights & Infographics

The pandemic pulled out an unexpected card on the entire entertainment & hospitality industry, however, those who were quick to pull out an ace were able to handle the situation better. Using logic-based surveys and questionnaires sent through timely emails, many event organizers gauged what was expected of them and enhanced their event offering further. We, at Yapsody also conducted a quick market survey that gave us a broader picture of the entire industry. 

It was primarily conducted to help presenters understand the audience’s inclination towards attending their upcoming events under certain variables.

One of the core competencies of successfully rising from a crisis situation is the ability to forecast the future market and take business decisions accordingly. Unless and until you match your attendee’s safety regulations, you won’t be able to bring them forward to your upcoming events. As part of our live concert survey, participants voiced their safety preferences as follows:

Here are the survey insights that you can refer to for getting a head start in 2021. 

4. Gift Cards

One of the most troublesome yet unavoidable circumstances arose out of the event cancellations during the peak of COVID. Event organizers and hospitality venues alike faced the challenge of having to break out their investments for ticket refunds and cancellations.

We launched our gift card feature that will enable presenters using our platform to send out Gift Cards against ticket cancellations and refunds. This strategy enables you to retain the audience’s trust and protect your investments from diminishing. 

Our Gift Card feature will help you:

  • Issue venue specific Gift Cards against ticket refunds & cancellations.
  • Retain your attendees for future events by issuing a Gift Card.
  • Brand your Gift Card suited to your venue persona.  

Garnering customer loyalty for your hospitality and entertainment brand is going to be of utmost importance in the coming months. Your attendees will want to stick to consistency and quality. If you’re a hotel, casino, restaurant, or theater you can think of attractive pricing packages spread out over a year and exclusive discounts for Loyalty Card holders. Don’t shy away from charging a bit more if you’re going the extra mile for providing the best of services. 

5.  Excellency Awards

Yapsody was graced with as many as 7 badges in the year from renowned business and product review websites such as G2 and Crozdesk.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction and motivation than hearing from our happy clients and users. Even more so when there is a badge to flaunt it.  We’ve already been bestowed with a couple of excellence awards and badges in the event management and ticketing category.

The Happiest Users badge is Crozdesk’s recognition for solutions with high user satisfaction. The recognition badge is only awarded to vendors with happy customers and a lot of positive satisfaction signals on Crozdesk. Only about 10% of solutions ever receive this accolade. Let’s just say we are truly touched by this as our success stories also add more weight to this fact. 

6. Casino Assistance CSAT 

Whether it’s casino player services, hotel reservations, event ticket transactions, or even just general Q&A, our 24/7 customer care team handled it like a team of professionals as part of our white-labeled services for the Native American Casinos.

Our Customer Care Services Includes:

  • Inbound & outbound phone support to handle an array of queries.
  • Customer outreach campaigns through phone by our customer relations specialists.
  • Immediate onboarding & live chat set up on your website.

Needless to say, our testimonials speak for themselves.

7. Emerging Event Types

With nearly three-quarters of the year gone by, people are adjusting to the changing times in ways that may have seemed unconventional until last year. Innovations and creative ideas were always a part of the progressing world. But with COVID-19, mankind has truly evolved once again in terms of what can be achieved to keep our lives as ‘Normal’ as they were.

The current pandemic prompted many event professionals to re-evaluate several areas of event planning, what was majorly a live experience to witness is now virtual, and venues that could host a big number of attendees can now accommodate only a limited proportion of that. This led to the emergence of socially distanced events such as:

a. Drive-In Concerts

The concert industry is seeing new event types arise such as the Drive-in concerts which dress inspiration from the 1950s / 60s where Drive-in theatres were “the thing”. Drive-in events bring in the energy of a concert while maintaining social Distancing guidelines and help take a break from the virtual world. 

Musician Keith Urban was the first to jump onto the bandwagon in May and many others have closely followed the trend.

b. Dine-In Concerts

‘Dine-In’ concert is yet another new, enthralling, and emerging event type that has captured the attention of attendees around the world. Dine-in concerts have typically gained popularity owing to the fact that most general admission events have new guidelines that insist on attendees remain seated and socially distanced from each other.

With support from Yapsody, some of our biggest clients such as Sycuan Casino have embraced this change and have hosted successful Dine-In concerts recently. 

c. Dive-In Movies

The entertainment industry has already seen the emergence of new event types in the form of “Drive-in Concerts” and “Dine-In Concerts” already but “Dive-In Movies” are a class apart. Imagine watching your favorite movies on a floating bed in the pool while sipping on your favorite drinks. Well, that’s exactly what the concept of Dive-In Movies provides.

8. COVID Resources

The health and safety of our communities have always been our top priority and at these times, we could only imagine how tough circumstances may have been for event organizers and their attendees around the globe during the pandemic.

We did everything in our capacity to help you make decisions about your event, so you have one less thing to worry about. We developed and compiled useful information to help our event presenters make informed decisions about their current and upcoming events. 

9. Website 

We promised you a new look at the end of 2019, and with the end of 2020, we are here with our brand new look and feel.

Your event ticketing partner is even better so 2021 can be a bit smoother, no matter where you are.

What’s new?

  • Bright, Dynamic, and Intuitive – An enhanced user experience is what we had sought out when the project was planned. Along the way, our goal was to prioritize the user and provide an intuitive user experience. 
  • Improved Performance – We value your time and hence, have ensured that with the new highly responsive design you save up on your precious browsing time and get better results while using our platform.
  • B2B focused – Since B2B cycles are usually long and require multiple touchpoints, we’ve ensured that you, as a business, get the full experience at the tip of your fingers.

That’s it from our YapWrap 2020. We hope our timely initiatives helped you navigate the uncertainty.  We helped to curtail businesses and ensured that they did not have to shut shop. It is our relationships with our clients that we value the most which help us go that extra mile. 

Hopefully, in 2021, we’ll be able to further enhance your trust and loyalty with your fresh enthusiasm and a renewed zest for organizing events and gatherings. When the pandemic fades away, the winners will be the ones who will realign their business strategies, making visible changes to their product & strategy in the background to make the most of the pent-up demand that will originate when the dust of COVID-19 settles. 

As we all hope for 2021 to be the year of fresh re-openings and gatherings, here’s wishing everyone a Happy & Safe New Year. 

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