YapWrapUp: 19 Things We Did In 2019

YapWrapUp: 19 Things We Did In 2019

2019 was quite an eventful year for us. Being an event ticketing platform, helping presenters create, promote, and sell their event tickets online turned out to be another defining year for us. More than 100k presenters sold millions of tickets online all thanks to their dedication to bringing people together. Throughout the year, we scaled up our functionality in tangent with our clientele requirements which helped them design greater event experiences. 

So, here’s a glimpse of 19 things we did in 2019 to elevate our event ticketing platform for event presenters and their attendees worldwide. 

1. Website Revamp

At Yapsody, we believe in refreshing our user experiences to evolve further as one of the best event ticketing platforms out there. Our website went through a total revamp in May that improved our website speed, structure, ease of usability, and navigation. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Website

The Yapsody website enhancement has led to significant improvement in our website ranking by 50%. We saw a significant increase in new presenters signing up with Yapsody. All the brownie points go to our tech, design, and marketing teams for meeting the deadlines. 

Screenshot – Enterprise-Grade Features

2. Event Marketing Services

Part of our revamped website involved an introduction to our service offering for our users worldwide – Event Marketing Services. We started offering event marketing services to our presenters under which we collaborate with them through co-branded blogs, social media promotion, and a host of SEO services to amplify their event marketing efforts. We understand how taxing it can be to organize an event and handle all the nitty-gritty of it. Our event marketing services let event presenters rest easy as our team of marketing experts handled their promotional activities. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Facebook Page

Our event posts shared on Facebook and Instagram have generated the best levels of engagement, with posts crossing the 500,000 mark.

3. Google Analytics

If there’s one feature that is unanimously used by all our event presenters regularly, it’s Google Analytics, and rightly so. Leveraging the mighty Google Analytics Integration, our presenters were able to:

  • Get in-depth detail about how much traffic each marketing channel is contributing to their ticket sales.
  • Track real-time sales conversions and create customized reports to understand the figures better.
  • Find out how long your visitors spend on which page and which page is getting more traffic.

4. Premium Event Listing 

With our new addition of Premium Event Listing in 40 major cities worldwide, presenters were able to list their new and upcoming events on our geo-targeted event page for FREE and increase visibility by 10x.

Screenshot – Yapsody Event Page

With a premium listing, we also promoted their events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and LinkedIn, depending on the nature of their event)

5. Global Language Selection On Mobile 

We don’t let any ticket sales get lost in translation. Our event ticketing platform was already supporting 15 prominent languages from across the globe. We integrated our global language selection on mobile devices as well making it easier for our event presenters to reach audiences from all over the globe. 

6. Adding ​Instagram Feed to the Online Ticket ​Store

To make sure event attendees stay updated with our event presenter’s social feed, the functionality to add an Instagram handle on their Online Ticket Store was implemented. This made it easier for their audience to stay updated with their social feed for quick updates during ticket purchasing. 

7. Events Calendar – WordPress Plugin

We also launched “Yapsody Events Calendar” for those event presenters who own a WordPress Site. This plugin helped display their Yapsody events on their WordPress site in a Calendar view. On click of the event from the calendar, the attendee was redirected to the actual event page of the venue where they could purchase tickets.

This plugin bridges the gap between the presenter’s WordPress platform and Yapsody Online Store to market their events on their website pages within a calendar. This Calendar will dynamically display events on the calendar as and when an event is added, updated, or deleted in the Yapsody Box Office platform, in short reducing the load over the presenter to manually add events on their site for promotion and marketing of their upcoming events.

8. Wix Integration

Our event presenters onboard are a sharp lot who know exactly what they want in creating that memorable event experience. Considering the evolving landscape of our business, the need for custom functionalities gets requested from us occasionally. With our flexible event ticketing platform, they were able to raise a request which was then rolled out by our tech team quickly. Similar to our WordPress plugin, we got a special request from presenters who needed a calendar plugin for their Wix plugin. Needless to say, we obliged them.

9. Mollie Integration 

Our event ticketing platform supports all the major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WePay, Sage, and many more. This year, we also added Mollie to our arsenal which is one of the best payment collection options for our event presenters across Europe. 

10. Super-Powered Support 

Our Support team truly are the Jedi of the Yapsody universe where they not only handle the queries of event presenters but also their ticket buyers. Our job is to facilitate an end-to-end smooth operation and that’s what we delivered on a 24/7 basis. For us, every event presenter is equally important, whether you sell 10 or 100,000 tickets for your event. With over 2000 monthly support tickets, we were able to achieve 95%+ satisfaction. Over the last twelve months, our CSAT scores for both ticket buyers and presenters have been over 95%

11. Customer-Centric Programs 

During the year, we have further enhanced our Customer Support to facilitate our event presenters in their event creation journey right from the time they sign-up to their event creation. Our team is available 24/7 if you ever get stuck or have any queries while setting up an event or even when your event is on-sale and is always available at hand to provide you with guidance via live chat, email, or schedule a callback.  Through our various client onboarding and retention programs, we have made it our goal to support our client’s revenue generation quest through event ticketing in every aspect possible.

12. Exclusive Seasonal Offers

Considering the evolving nature of the hospitality business, holidays and topical seasons around the world are a golden opportunity for event planners to create an event quickly without burning a hole in their pocket. We rolled out 3 exclusive offers during Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. Much to our presenter’s delight, it truly was a merry time to combine this holiday offer with our low ticketing fees. 

13. Discounted Tiers 

We saw a lot of our clients move up through our discounted tiers – Gold, Platinum, and Elite as part of our Loyalty Program. Our Discounted Tiers is one of the many reasons why Yapsody is preferred among event presenters worldwide. Combined with our low ticketing fees and pass on fees feature, the potential for boosting ticket sales went way higher.

Screenshot – Pricing Tiers

14. Solving Challenges For Nonprofits  

Noah Webster House organizes community-based events catering to various ages from cemetery tours to lectures. To simplify the process of selling their event tickets online, they researched several online ticketing systems. Listing their events brought about a set of challenges. For starters, it wasn’t feasible for a nonprofit organization like theirs, from a pricing standpoint. The presenter was required to pay $2 a ticket for tickets that cost $10 or less. Besides this, they did not have a single platform where they could view all their upcoming events. Instead, they were only able to create links for their individual events and were allotted event ID numbers. There was no scope of personalization, making the process a disorganized affair.

Development Manager of Noah Webster House, Amy Boulton says, “Yapsody is a great site, particularly for non-profits.”

The museum organizes multiple events throughout the year. It only made sense to make the switch to Yapsody, because they didn’t have to pay a high flat fee on tickets priced low. Apart from the reasonable fees, she was exceptionally pleased about being able to have a branded URL and an exclusive store of their own for no additional costs.

15. Creating Consistency for Community Caterers 

One of the biggest challenges for a catering company like Georgia Smoke is consistency in its quality of service to its community. They always use the freshest ingredients and cook everything to order so nothing is out of place. From sourcing ingredients to serving the food hot, they never resort to cutting corners. Having raised over $25,000K for Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC) previously by serving 4,000+ oysters, Georgia Smoke wanted to upscale their logistics for the Seventh Annual #OysterRoast in terms of event creation, ticketing, and consumer support. 

“Yapsody had a good deal for nonprofits and I chose it. The system is easy to duplicate events and has good deals on nonprofit events. Their customer support is helpful, quick, and fast. The last thing I need to worry about during these events is ticketing; I trust Yapsody to do its part while I do mine.”

– John R. Lenz, Georgia Smoke BBQ

Yapsody proved to be the perfect mix with features like Pricing for Non-Profits, 24/7 Customer Support, Event Setup Wizard, and Surveys. Being such a well-known caterer in Atlanta, Georgia Smoke BBQ  exceeded expectations by staying indispensable in their quality of service through Yapsody’s ticketing service. And after it was all said and done, the community’s fundraising total for FODAC pushed past $25,000.

Read more of our success stories HERE.

16. Implemented ABN for Australian Events

Many of our Australian presenters requested to include ABN (Australian Business Number) on the transaction receipt because in Australia it is a legal requirement that their ABN is included on all receipts that they issue. We have implemented the request in such a way that if any event presenter is adding company information under business details settings then that information will show under the receipt.

17. Implemented Custom Reporting 

We made enhancements to our reporting module to better represent data and facilitate analysis for our event presenters. Within our Attendee List Report, there were changes done to provide data to clients including transaction time as well as a provision to display the information based on time of purchase. This helped our event presenters to manage and gather information about their attendees in a more detailed format.

18. Accepting Donations Made Simpler

Yapsody allows you to accept donations from both the Online Ticket Store and the Box Office.
Our presenters requested the “Accept Donation” button in the left column under the Support and Contact Presenter button on the event landing page where the Get Ticket is shown. We have implemented this change globally for ease of access.

19. Working Towards 2020 

2019 was all about revamping and re-working on many aspects of our product that will have its ramifications in 2020. Come 2020, we will be launching Yapsody 3.0 for our event presenters and hospitality enterprises worldwide. Needless to say, it will come loaded with a fresh set of features and integrations that will make ticketing and revenue generation easier for both the presenter and their event attendees.

That’s it from our YapWrapUp: 19 Things We Did In 2019. Stay tuned to the Yapsody blog for more updates. 

We hope all you event presenters are having a busy time with sold-out venues. If you’re someone who loves bringing people together for an unforgettable event experience, then Yapsody is the perfect fit for you. Sign Up as an event presenter to elevate your event ticketing and revenue generation experience with our Enterprise-Grade Features. 

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