YapStudy Insights: Matching Event Attendee’s Expectations In 2020

YapStudy Insights: Matching Event Attendee’s Expectations In 2020

Retaining and engaging your audience by exceeding their expectations in the “New Normal”  will be the key to success in a post-COVID landscape. Unless and until you’re matching your attendee’s safety regulations, you won’t be able to bring them forward to your upcoming events. 

As part of our YapSudy 2020, we’ve released insights that will help you gauge audience preferences and take better decisions for the months to come.


The likelihood of attending outdoor concert performances is higher compared to indoor concert performances across fan categories. Whereas, the likelihood of attending concerts, in general, appears to be higher amongst regular concert attendees when compared to those who attend 2 or fewer concerts in a year. 


Not only the event venue that matters for the post-COVID era of events but also the sanitization and safety regulations that are expected by your attendees.  


There also seems to be an increase in the likelihood of fan attendance with an increasing degree of safety measures. No mask = No entry should be your go-to rule for upcoming events along with proper social distancing rules. Apart from just implementing these protocols, make sure to make it official on paper by Creating An Effective Press Release to spread the word far and wide.


Event seating can be one of the biggest challenges for any event planner, especially during COVID times. Designing safe event seating for your socially distanced events by creating the optimum event seating plan is now possible, thereby matching your attendee’s expectations. 

Maximize the venue safety by creating a socially distanced seating plan with our Inventory Management feature so that your guests and attendees can maintain at least 6 feet or 2 meters of distance without worrying about their safety.

Before you start creating social distancing holds, It’s crucial to assess the number of seats to group together for families, couples, or small groups of individuals who live or gather in close proximity to each other. 

Read more about our Social Distancing Holds that will make your event seating arrangements a breeze.

For a more detailed approach for the way forward in 2020, check out our YapStudy — Way Forward For The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry which covers multi-faceted dimensions of industry challenges, swift resolutions, strategies for brand marketing & operations, evolving your retention plans, and creating brand loyalty on the road to recovery.

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