YapStories: Best Of February 2020

YapStories: Best Of February 2020

Welcome to our monthly blog round-up series of 2020, YapStories, where we do a monthly round-up of the best blogs. Insightful industry pieces, tips & tricks, event planning & marketing strategies that provide an inside edge to our event presenters in creating stellar event experiences. 

For those who missed out on our February blog pieces, here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed.

3 Ways Yapsody Helps Your Guests Feel Extra Special

A well-planned exclusive event that oozes class, sophistication, and luxury becomes possible with our event ticketing system by your side.

3 Ways Yapsody Helps Your Guests Feel Extra Special

Read more about elevating your guest experience to cloud nine

Working Smoothly With A Large Team For Your Event Campaign

When you assign roles to each of your team members, even a ten-member team can function as an army of 300. 

Working Smoothly With A Large Team

Learn more about passing ownership and a specialty driven role to your team members.

3 Ways In Which YapScan and YapStats Makes Your Life Easier

Our mobile apps YapScan and YapStats take the most important aspects of event ticketing off your hands.

YapScan YapStat

Learn more about getting handsy with our mobile apps.

4 Ways A Virtual Box Office Can Shape Your Event Success 

Sell tickets, instantly view stats, offer discounts and refunds, generate custom tickets and email it to your attendees, all with the click of a few buttons on the virtual box office.

Virtual Box Office

Learn more about shaping up your event to be a success with our Virtual Box Office.

Building Event Momentum Like a Pro Through Email Marketing

From the time you push out your big event invite to sealing the deal with an exclusive discount, building event momentum through email marketing is crucial.

Event Momentum

Learn more about building event momentum through email marketing. 

We hope these thought pieces elevate your event planning and ticket selling potential. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog for YapStories delivered straight to your inbox.

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