YapStories: Best Of August 2020

YapStories: Best Of August 2020

Welcome back to our monthly blog round-up series of 2020, YapStories, where we do a monthly round-up of the best blogs –  insightful industry pieces, tips & tricks, COVID event planning & marketing resources that provide an inside edge to our event presenters in creating stellar yet safe event experiences. 

For those who missed out on our August blog pieces, here’s a quick blog roundup:

Blog #1

Gathering Event Audience Feedback Effectively

Looking for the quickest way to turn around your event business strategy during the pandemic? Designing an effective audience feedback form or survey will catapult your event planning strategy into overdrive.


Will COVID-19 Mean No Trick Or Treating On Halloween? 


Will you be able to organize events for the upcoming Holiday season? Or will COVID-19 slaughter your Halloween event sales? Since rules and regulations have been eased off to help businesses resume, the event community needs to learn how to navigate it.


Tips To Resume And Improve Your Event Business In 2020

Now that the holiday season is safely resuming its way into the community, many hospitality and entertainment venues who’ve resumed their businesses are looking forward to improving their event business. Our YapStudy provides a comprehensive review and insights


6 Types Of Events That Are Social Distancing Friendly

Figuring out new and innovative ways to acquire and retain your event attendees in the new normal? We have you covered. The best way to go about is by choosing the right event venue and off course the type of event you organize. 


5 Point Strategy For Dealing With Event Uncertainty

The new normal comes with a new set of rules for the event community no doubt but it also comes with practices that need to be taken heed of in case of COVID related uncertainties. 


Event Catering Tips To Consider While Social Distancing

Food is that one element that works as a social glue and can truly set your event apart. Now, with the pandemic how does one go about handing event catering that complies with the highest standards of safety?


Staying Ahead In The New Normal Through Event Branding

Staying Ahead In The New Normal Through Event Branding

The New Normal comes with a new set of rules that will change progressively. You need to keep with the industry norms to evolve and enhance your brand’s event marketing.

For more event-related insights and thought pieces, check out the Yapsody blog.

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