Yapsody’s Five Exciting Features For Presenters to maximize ROI

Yapsody’s Five Exciting Features For Presenters to maximize ROI

At Yapsody, the one thing we’re always focusing on is the convenience of our presenters so that you are able to maximize your ROI with the events you host. Following this idea, we have launched five new event ticketing system features that will help you to gain more from your events.

SEO Customization

Now, make your events more discoverable to your target audience by ranking them higher in Search Engine results. Yapsody allows you to perform SEO on your event’s page, letting you tweak and modify important parameters like Meta Title, Description, and Focus Keywords. When your event’s page ranks higher in Search Engine Results, it helps you drive more organic traffic to your page, which in turn translates to an increased number of attendees.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

With almost the entire world on Facebook, it now serves not only as a networking platform for individuals but also as a communication gateway between presenters and potential attendees. If you wish to gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook promotions, you’ve to keep a track of the conversions happening in your online store. In a few simple steps, you can now create a Facebook Tracking Pixel in your Facebook Business Manager Account and then integrate it into your online event ticketing system.

Postal/Zip Code Report Generation

While planning an event, it is vital that you pay attention to the artist as well as venue considerations based on the demographics and geography of your target audience. One strategic decision can make or break your event. This is why we’ve introduced Event Stats Reports based on zip codes. A feature that’s currently only available in the USA, Zip Code Reports will give you information about the areas having maximum ticket buyers and so on.

Ticket Descriptions

Provide your customers with an enriched ticket buying experience by associating a definition and description to every type of ticket. This way, your customers will always know what exactly they’re signing up and paying for. For example, for an Adults Only event, you can have a ticket titles ‘ADULT’ with a description stating that it’s only for people who are above 18 years of age. You can also mention perks associated with certain ticket types like ‘VIP’ in the descriptions.

Checkout As Guest

It’s been found that 35% of online customers abandon an online purchase because of forced event registration processes. In order to ensure that you don’t suffer from this loss, we’ve introduced the ‘Checkout As Guest’ feature that lets your customers purchase tickets without having to sign up with Yapsody. But, you’ll still be able to capture their email addresses and contact information as they’ll be required to submit these details towards the end of the transaction. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Want to try out all these features? Create An Event Now and experience the awesomeness of the revamped Customer Interface to sell event tickets online.

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