Why use an hassle free Ticket Scanning App

Why use an hassle free Ticket Scanning App

We offer our event presenters another exciting reason to use Yapsody for their event ticketing needs.

Yapsody has come up with a hassle free ticket scan app for iPhone (Android coming soon), “Yapsody YapScan”, which we have recently optimized for high capacity events.  So scanning in your customers at any size event will be simple and quick.   

With Yapsody YapScan, choose to scan ticket barcodes with your iPhone camera or search for customers by entering a name, entering a ticket number, or using gestures to scroll through your list.

The Yapsody YapScan app encourages automatic synching between mobile devices and Yapsody servers ensures that each mobile device is being constantly updated with the latest ticket status.
By using Yapsody app, you can also assign the separate “scanning” and “unscanning” permission to your staff for specific events, so, for example, you can give scanning permission to all your staff members but can elect to reserve the “unscanning” function for specific management staff.

Follow these simple steps and make your event checking in process easier

  • Login into Yapsody YapScan iPhone App by entering your login details.  Select the event you want to scan tickets for.  If you are unable to begin scanning for a particular event, you will need to adjust the event’s Scan Start Time in your event performance settings online.
  • Allow a few seconds for your event information to download to the app before you begin scanning tickets and searching customer names and ticket numbers.

Yapsody YapScan is completely free to download and have many more features, so feel free to check out the YouScan App in iPhone store, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.

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