Yapsody Yapscan App – Ticket Scanning App for Android Devices

Yapsody Yapscan App – Ticket Scanning App for Android Devices

The Yapsody YapScan App (or YapScan) was introduced for Android phones because we wished to extend our support to all our presenters and make ticket validation an easier process for them. Well, that was the plan, anyway. We, at Yapsody, don’t think progress is made by flaunting what we’ve done. We also accept our flaws and rectify them, which led us to releasing this brand-new version of YapScan, your handy Ticket Scan App, redesigned for our presenters right from scratch!


Gone are the days of placing hefty, suited-up security guards at the entrances to validate your attendees. With the new YapScan update, you can easily validate your entrees by scanning QR codes, manually entering names or e-ticket numbers or using gestures to scroll through your list of attendees. Plus, all data is synced real-time between your device and Yapsody servers to prevent the same ticket from being used for multiple entries and to make sure that even last-minute sales are validated.


YapScan is a big cardboard box filled with all these amazing candies

  • Ticket validation by:

–          Scanning QR codes printed on e-tickets.

–          Manually entering names of attendees.

–          Manually entering ticket numbers.

  • Real-time syncing between your devices and Yapsody servers to make sure that

–          No same ticket is used for multiple entries.

–          Last-minute tickets are also validated.

  • Easy viewing of attendance statistics right on your device.
  • Allow every staff (with a separate login credential) the permission to validate tickets online on a person-to-person basis.
  • The “unscanning” function can be allotted to a specific management staff by issuing separate permissions for the same.
  • Scanning access for a specific event can be restricted on a person-to-person basis.
  • If an event allows multiple entries, the number of scans/check-ins per ticket can be preset.
  • You can set alerts for different types of tickets. For example, for adult tickets, your entry staff will be alerted to check IDs of attendees for age proof.
  • The scan time for your staff can be preset.
  • Offline Scanning, that is, all data pertaining to your event will be downloaded and saved to your device. So, even if your connection goes off, you can still continue scanning. Sync with the Yapsody servers will be restored the moment the connection is back on.

Learn more about reasons to use ticket scanning apps here

All of this aside, you know what the best part is? This box of candies is ABSOLUTELY FREE! And so are our General Admission events. So, sign up now and set up free online ticketing for your event! Happy Ticketing!

Yapsody YapScan App - iOSYapsody YapScan App - Android

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