Yapsody Website Revamp – What’s New?

Yapsody Website Revamp – What’s New?

2020 was a year of transformations and transitions. Needless to say, many businesses and hospitality enterprises stayed afloat whereas there were a few who managed to navigate the pandemic smartly. As an event ticketing and concert production partner to some of the finest establishments in the global hospitality landscape, it dawned on us to help transform and transition our client’s vision.

As a soft launch of sorts, we immediately launched the Casino Assistance Program and our extended suite of services for Marketing, Customer Care, and Technology Development. Come 2021, to solidify our services portfolio for the hospitality and entertainment industry further, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new website. 

We’ve rebranded our individual features into feature clusters such as Event Management, Revenue Stream Optimization, Branding & Customization, and Enterprise Grade Features for ease of access.    

Your continued support and trust in us have encouraged us to go that extra mile for improving your experience with us. Have a look at what we have in store for 2021. 

So, what’s new?

1. Dynamic yet Intuitive Experience

An enhanced user experience is what we had sought out when the project was being planned. Along the way, our goal was to prioritize our clientele and provide an intuitive user experience while navigating our website and suite of services on offer.

2. Under the Hood Improvements

We value your time and hence, have ensured that our responsive interface saves up on your precious browsing time and gets better results. Since B2B cycles require multiple touchpoints, we’ve ensured that you, as an event entity enjoy the full Yapsody experience at the tip of your fingers.

“I have found the platform relatively easy to maneuver, and I like that it offers many features not found on other ticketing sites. I’m really happy with the changes made over the years, that makes the site, even more, user-friendly than it was the year before.”

– Jill Florin, Co-producer at Temple Sinai Players

3. Lowest Pricing & Revenue Calculator

Premium ticketing features with no setup costs and no monthly subscription, that’s what sets up apart from the other industry platforms. The only pre-requisite is to sign up with Yapsody to elevate your ticketing experience and revenue effortlessly.

It’s now easier to understand our pricing structure that aligns with your profit turnover no matter which country your event is happening in.

4. Renewed Feature Clusters

  • Event Management 

Your event management takes an upward curve with granular functionalities like Inventory Management, Invite-Only Access Codes, Surveys, and much more.

Avail of the best in class event creation setup whether it’s a General Admission or Reserved style of seating.

  • Revenue Stream Optimization

Grow your revenue base while generating the maximum revenue for all your events through our Ticket Pricing Flexibility, Discounts, Surcharges, Accept Donations button, and much more.

Fastrack your revenue generation stream and manage your cash flow better through Online Payment Gateways and Offline Payment Methods.

  • Brand Building & Event Marketing

Each event brings with it it’s own persona. With features such as Online Ticket Store and Ticket Customization, every event persona of yours will be distinct from each other.

Once you’ve successfully branded your ticketing domains, our marketing suite comprises Website & Email Integrations, Event SEO, and Analytics that will enhance your event visibility further to help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Enterprise-Grade Features

Facilitate all your event teams with ease on a single interface. Whether it’s giving the team access to certain Yapsody features or perhaps making sure nothing is out of line, our 24/7 Support, and User Access Control is bound to bring out the best in your team and maximize potential.

5. Suite of Services

Our decades of culminated expertise in providing marketing, technology, and customer care services have been tailored into our suite of services which can be availed by global hospitality & entertainment enterprises. Through these services, we wish to align our expertise with your brand vision. Here’s what you can expect…

  • Customer Care Services

We have an outstanding track-record of providing highly reliable & trustworthy customer relations equipped with a talented team following global practices. We’ve put customer care at the forefront of your hospitality business to help you acquire, engage, and retain your loyal patrons.

Our experience is complemented by a host of services such as White Labelled Customer Care, Customer Retention Programs, Inbound & Outbound Multi-Channel Support, and many more.

  • Marketing

Through Digital Marketing, Branding, Conversion Optimization, & Audience Engagement, we have forged lifelong synergies with our clientele to implement custom problem-solving strategies.

Our selection of world-class tools is only second best to our team of experts which helps them automate your digital marketing efforts, making your brand stand out.

  • Technology Development 

We build digital solutions to solve intricate challenges faced in the hospitality & entertainment industry.

Our decades of experience with providing technology services to casinos has helped us revolutionize the way customers interact with enterprises. We are always looking for brilliant ideas that would help all clients to prosper through technology and automation.

That’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect from our new website. Stay tuned to our blog for more tidbits and sneak peeks on your new improved Yapsody experience. 

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