Event Ticket Sales Report in your pocket

Event Ticket Sales Report in your pocket

As an event presenter you could probably name a dozen of mobile apps you’ve worked with over the past year. You can use mobile apps for event planning, registration system or ticket scanning but when it comes to ticket sales report for your event; you have to depend on your desktop or laptop to track the report, nothing to view your reports on the go and it’s something we wanted to change. After Yapsody YouScan app, we are happy to announce our new app; Yapsody Reports App for iOS users which will turn your iPhone into a fully functional event stats tracker. Yapsody Reports App provides you a flexible and comfortable way to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, revenue you earned and many more.

Yapsody Reports App is built with the features that event presenters need to analyses the success of the event. This simply powerful report will allow you to access to following stats:

  • Daily ticket sales
  • Total number of tickets sold
  • Total number of complimentary tickets has been offered
  • Capacity of the event
  • Comparison between total revenue you earned and total revenue you can earn

We can understand that organizing an event is stressful and that’s why we are always trying to come up with new and innovative ideas which will help you to organize a successful event.

Yapsody is one single solution for all your event needs, so set up your event at Yapsody.com, download this FREE Yapsody Report App and experience the power of event stats reports at your fingertips.


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