Yapsody On The Rise!

This past summer, Yapsody entered in the ticketing industry with an initiative against high ticketing fees because we love our fans and don’t believe in unfairly taxing them or the presenters simply for the ability to print out a ticket. “A Ticketing Revolution” was our theme at Yapsody this year, and we would like to THANK all our event presenters for their support in helping Yapsody become a great success in 2013!

Yapsody is just six months old and we already have over 700 event presenters with over 1500 rocking performances. During this time, we have continually strives to make Yapsody more and more customer friendly by asking for suggestions from our presenters and implementing them onto our system. Based on your feedback, among the many changes, we’ve redesigned your Online Ticket Store to make it quick and easy for your events to have the professional and exciting look they deserve.

Yapsody has big plans for 2014. In the coming months, you will see cool new features designed to maximize your events’ success. Here is the first look of some new features that you will able to see on Yapsody:

Global Expansion — Yapsody will enable event presenters to sell tickets in more local currencies and in languages other than English.

Donations – Yapsody will enable non-profit organizations to collect donations from their Yapsody box offices and online ticket stores.

SurveysYapsody is beefing up its options for surveying attendees and purchasers during the ticket purchase process from both the box office and online ticket store.

And many more exciting features that we will announce in each coming month….

We’re excited to continue upgrading and enhancing Yapsody with cool functionality and we hope you are too. So if you have any request for a particular feature, feel free to email us at support@yapsody.com… We’d love to hear it.  You can also post your comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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