Multiple Currencies support now lives

Multiple Currencies support now lives

We’ve listened to your feedback and have heard the requests loud and clear. Yapsody is expanding globally to keep up with the growing demand from the many event presenters using Yapsody outside the USA.

Since launching Yapsody, we’ve seen our global website traffic explode. Today, over 50% of our traffic comes from visitors outside the U.S., and today we will begin servicing a much larger segment of our event presenters worldwide by allowing them to set ticket prices and process payments in their local currencies.  This will provide for a far more enjoyable experience for presenters and their customers.  No more dealing with exchange rates, currency fluctuations, or currency conversion fees.

Which currencies do Yapsody support?
Providing the ability to sell event tickets in local currencies is one of the many ways we strive to support event presenters around the globe.  Click here to check the list of currencies we are supporting, which can be selected in your Yapsody Box Office account settings.

We will continue to expand our currency options in the weeks and months to come so that event presenters in more countries can get the benefits of Yapsody.

Our priorities are dictated by your requests.  So If YOU have a request for a particular currency, we’d love to hear it.  Just click here to let our support team know.  Also, feel free to let us know if there is a particular credit card payment gateway that you would like to see us support for your currency.

To get updates on new features, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check back with our blogs.

By the way, Yapsody is free to both presenters and ticket purchasers.  So SIGN UP today to see what all the hype is about!

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