Yapsody & NonProfits – Why We’re Passionate About Them

Yapsody & NonProfits – Why We’re Passionate About Them

While we have more than everything we need today to live a comfortable life, not everyone does. Luckily, there’s one type of organization that thinks selflessly for others and we can’t imagine a world without them. Nonprofits, the savior of many and support to the homeless work tirelessly towards one goal. Be it to support people, save the planet or a species, nonprofits show each one of us how important life is. To support their cause, we offer event managers organizing nonprofit events a 50% rebate on their event ticketing fees. Here’s why we’re passionate about nonprofits.

They Give a Ray of Hope
As we come across social injustice and natural disasters, we all wish to do something. Nonprofits give a ray of hope to people suffering on the streets. They provide shelter to the homeless, save the dying children and give them basic necessities, so they can become a part of the community.

Serving Others is Their Prime Goal
In a world, where everyone puts themselves first, nonprofits put others first. Serving the cause is their prime goal. However, due to a lack of funds to promote their event, nonprofits tend to miss out on achieving their goals. As an event ticketing company, we love to help our nonprofit organizations. Every time you plan an event with Yapsody, we’ll promote your event on different social media platforms. With your target audience available online, you can easily have a great turn out and increase the online ticket sales for charity events. Do you want to raise money for your next nonprofit event? Read our blog on ‘8 Steps to Raise Money for your Next NonProfit Event’ to know more.

They Unite People Towards One Cause
Events bring communities closer, but when people know it’s for a cause, it tends to draw a larger crowd. Be it through charity concerts or a community yard sale, nonprofits unite people regardless of their age, race or gender to come forward in an initiative to support the cause as they entertain themselves. Are you planning a charity dinner or a concert? Find out why you should choose Yapsody for your next charity event.

Nonprofits Care
While no one may care about the dying children, damage plastic does to our planet or about our endangered species, but nonprofits do. They not only care about the earth, people and animals but also organize campaigns to raise funds for the same. If you’re a nonprofit organization looking for ways to raise funds, read our blog on ‘10 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event. Nonprofits go beyond the capacity to support the cause, and that’s one reason we extend our support by giving them a benefit through a discount in their ticketing fees.

They Give People a Chance to Serve the Community
While you’re busy working, it may be difficult to take the initiative yourself and do something for the community. If you do have an opportunity, you can organize an event or talk to your organization so every employee can donate a small amount towards a cause. If you’re keen on organizing a fundraiser event, read our blog- ‘Checklist for Planning a Successful Fundraising Event’. You can also become a volunteer at one of the charity events or support their cause through generous donations.

At Yapsody, we empower our nonprofit event managers to create multiple events by offering them a special price on their event ticketing fees. If you’re a nonprofit entity, create your next fundraiser event and get a 50% rebate on your ticketing fees. While you save on your fees, you can sell more tickets online and increase the online ticket sales for nonprofit events. Additionally, you can pass on your fees to your attendees and you’ll end up retaining 50% of those fees as extra revenue. This extra revenue can be utilized to cover up your operational expenses. What are you waiting for? Sign up with Yapsody and make a difference today. 

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