Yapsody Launches Reserved Seating Wizard Feature

Yapsody Launches Reserved Seating Wizard Feature


While Yapsody’s General Admission continues to let you enjoy many features for FREE, that you would otherwise be paying for if you were using other ticketing websites to sell tickets online, we thought we could try bewitching (pun intended) you by introducing the premium Reserved Seating Wizard. So get on those broomsticks as we fly you through the features of Reserved Seating, enchanting you all along, an exciting rebate offer hovering over your head like an impenetrable charm!


Auto generate seat numbers and Manage rows and Columns

With a single click of your mouse (quite similar to a flick of your wand), you can create rows and columns to simulate your reserved section, that is, you can have an interactive seating map for your event. For the same, you can:

  1. Add more rows and columns.
  2. Have the seat numbers auto-generated.
  3. Copy and paste.
  4. Have different colors for different types of seats.


Create a Section Map with ease

You can have different sections according to the price, position or type of seats in a particular section. Group the seats and have different colors for them, and mark the main areas with symbols for indication –

  1. Upload the image of your Seating Chart
  2. Use different shapes for the different sections according to your requirements
  3. Use different colors for different sections to distinguish them
  4. Add other objects in the seat map


Manage Holds

Creating an event with Reserved seating also makes holds management extremely simple.

  1. First, create a Hold category
  2. You can add multiple holds to the seats
  3. Assign names and codes to your Holds
  4. Holds can be assigned to a single seat, to an entire row or to an entire section altogether

Basically, it’s an all-to-one and a one-to-all feature.


Assign colors to seats to represent different ticket prices

You can allow your customers to choose their seats while booking, a master key when it comes to customer satisfaction. The interactive seating chart allows your customers to:

  1. Select their seats as per the ticket types.
  2. Select multiple seats at a time.
  3. View the type of ticket and its price on selecting a particular seat.

A magical experience, wasn’t it? Do you know what’s even more mesmerizing? – The fact that if you create a Reserved Seating NOW. Some things just make you go dreamily “enchanté!” and you’re definitely more than pleased to meet our Reserved Seating Wizard, aren’t you?

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