Yapsody Launches 2 New Feature Updates

Yapsody Launches 2 New Feature Updates

At Yapsody, we’re always looking to improve our user experience – whether it is for the event presenter or ticket purchaser. This week, our feature updates focused on convenience; convenience in viewing, promoting events on created on our online ticketing system.

Update 1 Language Selection Option in the Online Store for Mobile Devices 

Online ticket store visitors can now select the language they would like to view the events in through their mobile devices. As of today, Yapsody supports 15 prominent languages from across the globe. This makes it easier for Non-English speaking users to

  • Read event information
  • Understand instructions 
  • Purchase tickets and 
  • Generate tickets in their language 

Until today, the feature was available only on desktop view.

Update 2Instagram Link Sharing 

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, event presenters can now add their Instagram profile links to their online ticket store. Should a ticket purchaser want to visit the presenter’s Instagram profile, they will now be able to without having to look up the profile on the Instagram app. Along with this, event presenters also have the ability to request Yapsody to promote their event on our social media.

With these updates, we’re hoping to cut down on minutes of wasted time for all Yapsody users. We have plenty of new updates coming along in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

What has your experience with Yapsody been? Let us know in the comments below.


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