Yapsody Introduces Philippines Based Payment Gateway DragonPay

Yapsody Introduces Philippines Based Payment Gateway DragonPay

Yapsody finally introduces the revolutionary Philippines based payment gateway – Dragonpay – that is all set to turn over new leaves that promise to blossom in the world of online payments. For all of you who’ve been living with the credit-hack-o-phobia (paranoia that makes you commit naïve acts of closing all adjoining tabs, clearing browsing data, disabling cookies, uninstalling and reinstalling your browser while making an online payment through your credit card), here finally is a secure payment gateway that guarantees you (a presenter) and you (a customer) a level of security that is unimaginable in the chaotic situation we deal with when it comes to net banking and credit cards.

Dragonpay has its target audience in countries where only a small percentage of the population uses credit cards (or has the ability to even possess one) and most of the transactions are done using cash. Now, for merchants who do their trades online, this is a major issue of concern since they might simply lose their chance with the audience due to inadequate freedom when it comes to payment options. For such scenarios, Yapsody has introduced Dragonpay and its amazing payment methods to make things easier for our presenters and customers.

Basically, Dragonpay offers the following modes of payment for the customers:

  1. ONLINE BANKING: This is the regular net banking that we’re all familiar with. If you have an account in the local bank, you can make online payments that’ll be debited against the same in real-time.
  2. OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) BANKING: Dragonpay allows customers to walk in any of the recognized local bank branches and deposit the payment over-the-counter of which the merchants will be notified as soon as the payment is made.
  3. OTC NON-BANK: This method differs from OTC Banking in only one aspect – the counters don’t belong to banks. Rather, they’re either retailer stores or other partner branches where you can make the cash payments.

While your customers will enjoy these cash features even when you choose an online ticketing system, you, as a presenter will also be in for a treat by Dragonpay.

  1. SECURITY for the customer as well as the presenter. Customers won’t have to disclose credit card information online (which is very vulnerable to hacks) and presenters are also protected from credit card frauds. Plus, there’s a no cash-back policy which ensures that once you have been paid, you’ll remain paid.
  2. BIGGER MARKET for presenters who wish to conduct events in countries like Philippines where credit cards aren’t a big buzz. You can still have good sales with other methods of payment that Dragonpay offers you.
  3. LOWER COST since Dragonpay has a fixed fee per transaction policy, instead of a fixed percentage of the gross sales, which offers a higher profit margin to the presenters.

So, presenters, we eagerly await your response to this new Yapsody feature. As you’ve already seen how amazing it is, do try it out and watch it working for your best.

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