Yapsody Introduces Casino Assistance & Recovery Program For The Native American Casino Industry

Yapsody Introduces Casino Assistance & Recovery Program For The Native American Casino Industry

We hope you settled in safely while reading this. In this climate of uncertainty, businesses worldwide have either curtailed their offerings or come to a standstill until further notice. Yet, acting purely out of our love and commitment to supporting our family of Native American Casinos in achieving a swift recovery, we are extending our existing suite of services to the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program.

What is the Yapsody Casino Assistance & Recovery Program? 

You might be unaware of the existing services that we’ve been offering beyond the realm of entertainment for decades now. Being an industry partner to the Native American Casino industry, we’ve re-packaged our existing services through Customer Relations, Marketing, Technology Development, & Business Insights into this program. 

Yapsody is a global team of Customer Relations Specialists, Marketing Experts, Creative Designers, App & Web Developers, Business Strategists with years of experience in the industry. Having served both our concert-clients and event ticketing clients, we are working closely to match every expectation of your business goals.

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What Kind Of Services Can Casinos Expect?

1. Unparalleled Customer Relations 

Whether it’s player services, hotel reservations, event ticket transactions, concierge services, or even just general Q&A, our 24/7 customer care services team will handle it under your brand name through multiple channels with 95% quality assurance. 

Our Customer Care Services Include: 

  • Inbound & outbound phone support to handle an array of queries.
  • Customer outreach campaigns through phone by our customer relations specialists.
  • Immediate onboarding & live chat set up on your website.
  • Strong reporting & analytics to measure customer satisfaction scores.
  • Highly experienced team & dedicated account managers.

2. Enhanced Branding, Marketing, & Designing Services

Our in house marketing teams have been providing their expertise to major casino clients who have successfully elevated their business with tailor-made marketing strategies. Problem-solving has been our DNA and now we are extending Yapsody’s marketing services to spruce up your footprint in the industry and stay ahead of the competition. 

Service That You Can Avail:

  • Audience engagement through social media & email marketing
  • Digital branding & designing services
  • Casino brand marketing campaigns to improve future ticket sales
  • Conversion optimization drives
  • Offline marketing strategies

3. Cost-Effective Technological Development 

Our technology development services have always been going hand in hand for solving challenges faced in the digital landscape of the hospitality industry. With the help of our technology team, you can optimize and automate your existing processes as well as develop customer-facing applications to increase your value proposition and sales.

Services From Our Tech Stack Include: 

  • Software & Mobile App Development
  • Database Architecture & Optimization
  • Website Maintenance & Consulting Services

4. Strategic Business Analysis & Insights

One of the core competencies of successfully rising from a crisis situation is the ability to forecast the future market and take business decisions accordingly. Your casino business can strongly benefit from our team of business strategists and market analysts to improve your current strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

5. Preferred Terms On Rescheduled Artist Bookings

Thousands of concerts across the country are being rescheduled, and presenters are all vying for the same premium dates. With over 200 casino bookings per year and over 25 years of talent buying experience, Yapsody will streamline the task of rescheduling artists and confirming choice dates.

It is our strong hope that the Casino Assistance and Recovery Program will help serve your business operations, optimize your existing processes, grow your profitability, and save costs significantly on the road to recovery. Remember to stay safe as we, as a community will come out stronger than ever once this pandemic passes away safely. 

Schedule a discussion with us to explore our tailor-made solutions that will elevate your brand’s strategic vision.    

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