Know How Yapsody Helps you increase your Social Media Presence!

Know How Yapsody Helps you increase your Social Media Presence!

Social media has made a great impact within the event organization industry to the point that if you are not utilizing it to promote your events, you are likely missing out on some important opportunities.  Every event organizer needs to be active on social media by promoting their events on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Ultimately, greater visibility translates into greater returns, and social media is one easy (and fun) way to achieve it.

For those of you who are not yet taking advantage of social media, here are some simple tips for using social media to enhance awareness and attendance for your events:

  • Post your events to Facebook and Twitter so that customers can share with others that they will be attending.  This is a source of free promotion in the form of an endorsement from someone that people trust. In this way, your event reaches out to a larger audience and makes it more discoverable and enticing for others who did not know about it.
  • Promote your Twitter #hashtag. This encourages your attendees to be part of the event by asking questions and posting comments.
  • Just because the event is over doesn’t mean your job is done. This is a great time to use social media to get feedback and upload videos and photos to highlight the event in order to maintain a relationship with your attendees for future events.  You should also post images on popular image-based social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Yapsody allows you to increase your social media presence by providing options to publish your events from Yapsody directly to Facebook and Twitter.  This keeps your fans and followers informed about all the latest upcoming events. Customers can also book tickets from Facebook by clicking on the ticket links, which will redirect them to your Yapsody Online Ticket Store.

At Yapsody, we continuously roll out new social media features as we do our part to help you “Own Your Ticket” through social media!

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