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While most of what we do is all about online ticketing and events, we offer something way more important with our utmost dedication and at no cost at all – our impeccable online customer support. Anything you find awry about our ways, you can always reach out to us via email or our online chat support. You must be thinking, “If email and chat support is what it’s all about, why am I supposed to be reading this blog post at all?” Because, we aren’t the only ones that offer email and chat support, but we have a lot of things about it that makes us special. And considering YOU are the ones who will be looking towards us for support, you deserve to know exactly what ALL it’s about.


Our support management is based completely on the ITIL and HDI support center standard framework. With our support service desk operating in a fully proactive mode, we’ve proudly achieved Actualized Maturity as per HDI guidelines.

Also, all our processes and practices adhere to the ITIL and HDI frameworks.


…yes, they DO adhere to the standard ITIL and HDI frameworks, and here are some of them to prove that:

  1. All our incidents (tickets, basically) are being recorded consistently in a professional manner.
  2. All these recorded incidents are identified and categorized based on a well-developed scheme.
  3. By adopting the ITIL framework we ensure that we follow the Incident Lifecycles Management that includes the following processes:

And all these processes are executed consistently with zero exceptions.

4.  Also, our support staff walks by the Service Desk Process, Procedures and Documentation laid down in ITIL.
5.  When we say we “strictly” adhere to the ITIL framework, even our Service Desk policies like Incident Management, Problem Management, Escalation Management, and Service Desk Management are included.


Nowadays, if you want people to think highly of your system, all you need to do is include a point that says “Advanced Technology”, and they’ll believe you. Because hey, nothing beats technological advancement, right? Well, we intend to make it clearer on our parts because blurred lines and vague bullet points aren’t our way of customer handling.

We offer you self-assistance tools like knowledge and data-based articles and FAQ articles. Also, we have set up the Business Rule in Service Management that performs the Triggering and Automation as per business requirements.


You would definitely want to know why we are making a big deal out of customer support, wouldn’t you? Because we have missions and visions of our own –

– We seek to offer exceptional customer service so that we never lose what’s the most valuable to us – your trust.
– We generate revenue by the optimum use of available resources.
– We conduct Satisfaction Surveys to recognize our Customer Feedback.
– We have a Quality Feedback for our QA team and a Product Feature Feedback for development and management.
– We support the testing of new products to ensure we always give out the best of what we offer.
– We participate actively in the Continual Service Improvement Process because we believe the best is always yet to come.

We, at Yapsody, believe in risks and challenges. But, at the same time, we would never let any of our customers suffer from any damage. Which is why we’re always here 24/7, offering you quality support, whenever and wherever you need us.

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