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Yapsody Feature Launch: Social Distancing Holds

Feature Launch: Social Distancing Holds For Seating Safety

It’s our constant endeavor to provide the best event ticketing experience for independent event presenters & hospitality enterprises. Our features are designed to bring the best out of your event management, branding, & marketing to optimize your cash flow and revenue generation. 

However, due to the pandemic, many event organizers and hospitality enterprises faced diverse challenges. To offset their distinct challenges, our team has been providing feature & functionality updates for agile transitions. 

We are happy to announce the beta launch of another functionality into our Inventory Management feature to help you adhere to socially distanced seating and safety protocols.  

Introducing our Social Distancing Holds (Beta)

Our ticketing platform users were requesting a feature where they can have the option of automatically blocking or holding nearby or adjacent seats once a ticket is booked. This was requested primarily to ensure safety protocols while attending a physical event.

Currently, we have a fully functional Hold Management system existing on our ticketing platform that lets you take control and manage your ticketing & seating pool for all your guests. However, with a few under the hood functionality additions, we’re happy to roll out the beta version of our Social Distancing Holds.

This gives presenters & hospitality venues an option to enable automated social distancing holds in their seating sections, where they can block/hold the desired number of seats for appropriate social distancing.

Creating an additional layer of event safety is now easily achievable by configuring your holds, hold codes, and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from your Event Setup Wizard interface.

To bring this into effect, you need to enable social distancing holds for reserved seating sections from the holds tab of each performance. These event seats held for social distancing will be held under the code “SD” in holds.

Release Notes: 

Excited to give the Social Distancing Holds a run? 

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