Yapsody Feature Cluster: Event Management

Yapsody Feature Cluster: Event Management

To solidify our services portfolio for the hospitality and entertainment industry further, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new website and feature clusters. 

Apart from retaining our existing features and resources for our event ticketing clientele, we’ve finally rolled out all our offerings through a new and improved Yapsody website. Here’s a look at our Event Management cluster. 

Create Events & Go Live!

Yes, that’s how easy it is to partner with Yapsody as your event ticketing platform. Being a top of the line hospitality & entertainment enterprise is effortless when you get started with your very own branded Online Ticket Store to create and sell event tickets.

With our brand new website revamp, we want your event success to take center stage on our singular interface designed to remotely access your event creation, box office, and ticketing inventory.  

Creating Events Made Easier! 

Whether you’re an existing event presenter or yet to sign up with Yapsody, hit the ground running while creating multiple shows & performances with our event creation feature cluster.

  • Box Office

Your online Box Office puts you in the pilot’s seat for seamless event management.  

What can you do with the Box Office? 

  • Get a bird’s eye view of all your events & performances.
  • Switch to seating chart mode by clicking on the section image instantly.
  • Check ticketing inventory status by section & ticket type.
  • View and modify your event ticket holds.
  • Analyze reports & promotional tools for a selected event.
  • Provide team member access to specific hold categories with User Access Control.
  • Reprint or re-deliver event tickets & receipts instantly.
  • Refund whole or partial transactions, whenever needed.


  • Event Setup Wizard 

Just like waving a wand, our Event Setup Wizard speeds up the process of creating multiple shows and performances like a charm. 

What can the Event Setup Wizard do?

  • Create custom templates for multiple event creation.
  • Manage unpublished, live, and upcoming events on a single interface.
  • Create a presale by scheduling the start and end times.
  • Create holds and reserve tickets for your VIPs.
  • Create multiple ticket types based on your event and audience type.
  • Add or delete performances and shows by using the “Copy Existing Event” feature.
  • Schedule your event sale start and end times to avoid manual set up for recurring events.
  • Access 24/7 support straight from the dashboard.

“Yapsody makes it easy to customize the events for our museum with the various options offered for event set-up. I like that we can add a photo to the event information and give a lot of details about the event on the initial screen. Plus, we can create different categories for tickets, such as age ranges for children’s tickets for our children’s event programming.

Yapsody definitely saves time in our event management. We like that we can format a PDF of guest attendance to include however much or as little information as we need for check-in purposes. Also, we have noticed that online sales are gradually increasing because people are accustomed to ordering tickets whenever they want no matter the time of day.”

Nancy Bradley, Rock Ford Foundation

We proved to be the perfect mix of online and offline event ticketing platform for an esteemed historical monument like Rock Ford Plantation. Using our extensive set of features, they streamlined their entire event management process and increase their online sales.

  • General Admission & Reserved Seating

An “Open for All” General Admission event style brings in attendees for that baseline experience through low ticketing fees, a high volume of tickets, and sold-out venues.  

With Reserved Seating, take your event into the premium arena by holding seats and sections for your VIPs and special guests, or just let the audience reserve their seats beforehand based on their needs. 

Managing Events Is Simple! 

Granular functionalities like Inventory Management, Invite-Only Access Codes, and Surveys help to manage your event operations better.

  • Inventory Management 

Take control and manage your ticketing pool for all your guests through Inventory Management. Create unlimited ticket types with the freedom to link them based on specific sections, show timings, restrictions, and audience type.

  • Invite-Only Codes

Organizing a private screening or a performance for a selected few? 

Enable the Access Code setting and only those with your multi-use or single-use access code will be able to secure their event tickets. Fuss and hassle-free, this feature keeps freeloaders at bay and lets event exclusivity take center stage.

  • Surveys & Questionnaires

Evolve your operational potential through useful audience insights garnered through Surveys & Questionnaires. Create logic-based questionnaires to improve and evolve the event experience for your attendees, or simply ask for feedback through a survey. 

There you have it, a quick walkthrough of our feature cluster that makes Event Management a cakewalk and helps you function as a top of the line hospitality and entertainment brand. As part of our extended suite of services, our customer relationship services provide an additional layer of improved management.

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