Yapsody Feature Cluster: Cash Flow & Revenue Optimization

Yapsody Feature Cluster: Cash Flow & Revenue Optimization

Price Your Tickets, Integrate Payment Gateways, Maximize Revenue!

Signing up with Yapsody is the prerequisite to start maximizing revenue from all those events and shows that you’re organizing. Whether you’re a standalone event organizer or a hospitality giant, our platform lets you create a varied ticket pricing combination that is powered by global payment integrations for quick revenue generation. Being a top of the line enterprise is now within everyone’s reach. 

With zero hiccups for creating multiple ticket types and discount combos, delight your event attendees and your bank account simultaneously. 

Grow Your Revenue Base 

The sky is the limit when it comes to maximizing your event revenue through Flexi Ticket Pricing, Fee Customization, Discounts, Surcharges, and much more.

  • Flexi Ticket Pricing 

Sell multiple ticket types by assigning varied pricing for the VIP section, Lounge, or Front Row, and create the ultimate pricing flexibility. With Flexi Ticket Pricing, you can add and name your ticket types, assign color-coded ticket prices, and also assign ticket prices based on different shows and performances.

  • Discounts & Packages

Who doesn’t love discounts and packages? Your attendees will be spoilt for choice with early birds, group discounts, promo codes, & custom discount packages that will also amplify your revenue in a short span of time. Here are 5 Types of Discounts that will help you sell out in no time

  • Fees Customization

You decide who pays the ticketing fees: You or your event attendees. Customize the manner in which your event ticketing fees are borne when you simply ‘Pass On’ the ticketing fee to your attendee’s ticket cost or ‘Absorb’ it at your own expense. Through Fee Customization, your event ticketing fees bourne to us is relatively less. You can use our interactive event ticket price calculator to know your revenue-generating potential from Absorbing Fees or Pass On Fees for each event based on your seating type, venue capacity, and ticket price.

  • Surcharges & Taxes

Supercharge your event revenue with Surcharges right when you’re expecting your event ticket sales to shoot up. Take advantage and time your event surcharges right to boost the remaining chunk of your event revenue. 

  • Accept Donations

Non-profit entities conducting community-driven initiatives can do even more through their charities or fundraisers with our “Accept Donations” feature. Create and sell your event tickets with our Non-Profit offer without missing out on any of our Enterprise-Grade features. 

Manage Your Cash Flow 

Our platform is designed to fastrack multiple touchpoints of your revenue generation stream and manage your cash flow better like no other platform out there. Your event revenue is a clear indicator of event success which means you need to be equipped with the best in the industry.

  • Online Payment Gateways

Power your cash inflow with the most-trusted online payment integrations. Choose from your country-specific payment gateways such as PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree, and many more for secure payment processing.

Online payment gateways save time during the ticket booking process and improve cash flow whenever tickets are booked which means you receive your money instantly rather than waiting for it.

  • Offline Payment Methods 

Expecting those last-minute turn-ups? Enable offline payment methods such as cash, cheque, credit, and even a “Pay Later” option for a smooth check-in experience. With Yapsody, you can combine your Online and Offline Payment collection methods for maximum revenue generation

  • Multi-Currency Account

Whichever part of the globe you’re operating from, with our multi-currency account, you can sell event tickets locally in over 150 currencies making it easier to collect revenue from all over. 

  • Invoice Payment Flexibility

Apart from getting your event income directly in your bank account, our invoices are due two weeks from the date of issue in the subsequent month, thus enhancing your cash flow management. Our Invoice Payment Flexibility ensures that you never stress 

Benefits Of Yapsody Invoice Payment Flexibility? 

  • Fees are based on a flat fee per ticket plus a percentage of the ticket price, which varies by country/currency and Yapsody tier (i.e., regular, Gold, Platinum, Elite). 
  • Invoices are issued by the 2nd day of each month and are due 10 days from the date of issue.
  • As the due dates approach, we remind account owners through emails and your Box Office as well.
  • Pay your invoice from the billing section of your Box Office directly by Credit Card.

Now that you understand how our feature cluster optimizes your cash flow and revenue, all you need to do is sign up with Yapsody and start performing as a top of the line hospitality & entertainment brand. As part of our extended suite of services, our marketing suite of services is designed to reach the right set of audiences and boost your revenue generation possibilities. 

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