Yapsody Extends Its Customer Relation Services To All Native American Casinos During COVID-19

Yapsody Extends Its Customer Relation Services To All Native American Casinos During COVID-19

As a casino manager, you aspire to provide your customers with first-class services. You want them to eat, breathe, live, and most importantly, play like royalty at the slot machines in your multi-faceted entertainment space. Having such a diverse set of offerings, you want a customer service department that can handle a range of queries – from casino player information and hotel room booking modifications to food & beverage related queries. In many cases, it is not feasible to employ a large number of personnel to cater to your Friday night crowd – the one with the high-rollers rolling in from all parts of the state. While it’s all fun and games at a live event at your casino, the customer support department usually bears the brunt of it all – last minute bookings, refunds, providing parking-related instructions.. the list certainly goes on. 

However, in this climate of economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, most businesses have either curtailed their offerings or come to a complete halt, meaning customer support services have probably slowed down as well. Being an industry partner to the Native American Casino industry, we’ve packaged together a program called the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program to offer our existing expertise of Customer Relations, Marketing, Technology Development & Business Insights. After careful review and consideration, you’ll find that these services can create incremental value for every department whether it be player development, hotel reservations, food & beverage, or concierge services. How about taking this time to optimize your existing customer support processes, grow your profitability when you’re ready to open and save costs significantly while on the road to recovery?

If you’re a casino manager looking to offer better customer care, take a look at our offerings. 

  • Inbound & Outbound Phone Support 

Our in-house customer relations team to handle an array of queries regarding your casino’s services. Whether your customer is a big player or a new guest, our Customer Relations team will patiently address each query that comes their way – whatever time of the day (or night)  it may be.

  • Customer Outreach Campaigns 

Do you need to communicate important information to your customers about a new update? We’ll make that call for you. Provide Yapsody the details and we’ll make sure to pass it on to the customers who are meant to have that information. Personalized support is essential when it comes to updates/announcements customers don’t expect. Yapsody will make sure the information transfer is as smooth as possible for both you and your customer.

  •  Immediate Onboarding 

Having been part of the industry for over two decades, we’re aware of all questions the customer support department of a casino gets asked. If you choose to avail of our service, the onboarding process is usually short and quick. Our customer care agents are trained to handle queries specific to your casino and the transition takes place shortly after. 

  • Live Chat Setup

Chat support services make businesses more credible. For casinos that receive a mass volume of queries, a live chat feature on the website will do wonders. If you’re considering introducing this feature, talk to us. Our team will implement the widget on your website and have the queries directed at us. The live chat widget can be installed across the website or on the pages requested by the casino. 

  • Strong Reporting & Analytics 

Yapsody strives to meet key SLA’S to improve customer satisfaction scores. On a monthly basis, Yapsody will send across reports to help you make better business decisions regarding your customer support. You will receive reports on the number of cases handled, individual ratings received by customers, overall satisfaction scores and waiting-times to name a few. 

  • Highly Experienced Team

Our Customer Relations Specialists have experience working for highly reputed global companies and are well-trained to provide exceptional voice and web services to casino customers. As a practice within our organization, we advocate continuous learning and development through training and webinars.

Customer care agents strive to be there for customers at a time when they’re most in need. (A lockdown 100% qualifies as such a time.) As services remain shut and businesses have been disrupted, enhance your customer support services and stay ahead of the game. Schedule a discussion with our onboarding experts and your customer care services will be up and running in no time.   

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