Working Smoothly With A Large Team For Your Event Campaign

Working Smoothly With A Large Team For Your Event Campaign

Event management is not only about planning and organizing events. It’s about working in synergy with your team members to create a perfectly planned event experience. Being in the event ticketing industry for decades, we’ve been observing event trends for a long time. A general pattern among event planners who delegate their tasks equally has quicker turnaround times than those who don’t. And quicker turnaround times mean more attention to detail and faster revenue generation. Now which event manager doesn’t want that?

Our user management feature has been creating a smooth workflow between different teams, no matter large or small. Here’s a quick takeaway on working smoothly with a team for your event campaign. 

Assigning Speciality Driven Roles & Permissions

When you assign roles to each of your team members, even a ten-member team can function as an army of 300. This is because you’re passing ownership and a specialty driven role to your team members.

On our event ticketing system, you can assign roles based on their expertise such as: 

  • Owner
  • Admin 
  • Marketing Managers
  • SEO Specialists 
  • Box Office Management
  • Sales Rep
  • Event Presenters
  • On-Ground Staff 
  • Accountants & Cashiers

Assigning them specialty driven roles they are good at ensures the integrity and success of your event campaign. 


With this feature, you can also protect sensitive data by providing access only to the information a particular team member will need. Only the account owner can add users to your Yapsody account and assign them different permission so that some can manage the box office ticketing, while some scanning and some others can manage the reporting. 


It’s a no brainer that limiting your team member’s navigation on the system guarantees a focused approach to get things done faster, hence, creating a smoother workflow for your event success. 

Learn more about adding and editing permissions for your team on Yapsody

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