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Will COVID-19 Mean No Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween?

Will COVID-19 Mean No Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween?

The big question on every event presenter and venue owner’s mind for the second of the half of the year. Will I be able to organize events for the upcoming Holiday season? Or Will COVID-19 slaughter my Halloween event sales? Since rules and regulations have been eased off to help businesses resume, the event community can still be in a predicament. 

According to the renowned chocolate company Hersheys Co., kids and parents will want to celebrate Halloween despite the ongoing pandemic as it is an outdoor event and involves the tradition of wearing masks.  

Here are a few other factors that will determine the feasibility of planning your Halloween.

1. Trick or Treaters Safety

Being a kid-friendly Halloween with a steady mix of adults partaking in the event, it goes without saying you will have to up the safety of your trick or treaters with utmost caution. Compulsory Halloween Masks should be the norm to avoid any sort of hocus pocus. Avoid edibles being placed out in common areas where kids might rush together. Instead, stick to goodie bags that can be handed out to each participant instead. Learn more about enhancing your event operations and logistics.  

2. Choose An Outdoor Venue

By no means will it be possible for all your event attendees to assemble in a spooky warehouse themed event venue. It is highly advisable to choose an outdoor venue for Halloween as it will avoid congestion and keep plenty of room to move about. According to our US Audience Behavior Survey, people are most likely to attend outdoor events and shows with mandatory masks and social distancing rules. It seems Halloween is going to be all about “looks that can kill”.


3. Exclusivity Can Be The Key

COVID-19 has definitely put off many event attendees from live events and gatherings for the upcoming months. However, exclusive gatherings remain to be considered for Halloween with a limited number of attendees.

Our Invite-Only Access Code feature turned out to be one of the stand-out features during the course of the last few months as event presenters were inclined more towards exclusive events with a selected number of people. Your Halloween could also target smaller communities rather than getting the whole town involved. Smaller crowds = more safety and double the spook factor. 

4. Choose Your Theme Well

The pandemic remains at the forefront of every major business decision and it should reflect so in your event planning. Avoid themes of viruses or illnesses that may not be well received at this point in time. Don’t make light of the current situation and choose from not-so-spooky Halloween ideas or perhaps budget-friendly themes that are easy on your pocket as well. 

We hope this helps you plan for your upcoming Halloween events. Remember to follow your updated event safety rules & regulations laid down by the authority as that is the need of the hour. 

Rest assured that COVID-19 doesn’t mean the end of Trick Or Treating on Halloween. It only means that they are to be celebrated in an alternative manner with additional scrutiny given to venue and attendee safety.

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