Why Your Fairs & Festivals Need Online Event Ticketing

Why Your Fairs & Festivals Need Online Event Ticketing

Unique experiences, silly rides, live entertainment, and a whole lot of memories are what most fairs and festivals offer. It definitely has its own set of challenges. From planning a budget to venue selection, your time can run out quickly. If you still want to be ahead in the game, we have the right reasons for you to choose Yapsody. Check out what our event ticketing system has to offer.

Avoid Chaos
Our online ticketing system offers mobile apps that can save you a lot of time. When people start gathering at your venue, chaos is the last thing you want to deal with. Our YapScan app quickly validates and registers your attendees’ entry. If you’re overwhelmed looking at the response you’ve received at your fair, you can track your online ticket sales in real-time and get to know the actual numbers.

Lower Costs = Higher ROI
When you plan a festival, you’d want to save as much as possible. Because we offer you the best of both, you don’t have to pay through your nose.  If you don’t wish to pay anything from your pockets, you can go for our “Pass on Fee” feature. It lets you add the cost of the ticketing fee to the ticket price, making event ticketing free for you. Alternatively, you can save on your fees using the discounts and charge your attendees a low fee. That way, you can sell more tickets online.

Create Multiple Events
Your fair could be a single-day or 5-day event. You don’t need to create 5 separate events for all 5 days. Our “Virtual Box Office” is a tool that gives you access to event wizards, real-time sales analytics, reporting, and a lot more. You can set up your payment gateway, preferred language, and currency right here. If you have a circus performing at your fair, you can create multiple performances for the same circus easily using the event wizard tool. Or if you have multiple fairs to be added for different locations, all you have to do is copy the existing and edit it to add the new event details.

Personalization is the Key
The online ticket store is your personal store with your own subdomain. You can use it to flaunt your creativity and display all your events. When you promote your event on social media, this is where they are directed to buy their fairs and festival tickets. When you create your next festival event, mention the exact venue, date, and information about your company. Make sure to add external links to your social media pages.

Offer Convenience
All the excitement to be at the fair can go down in a minute if your attendees face difficulty in booking the tickets. At Yapsody, we offer convenience through our secure payment gateway so you can buy your tickets easily from anywhere anytime. We support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree, and many others. Apart from gateways, we also support 15 prominent languages so you can organize your fairs and festival in different languages.

Ticket Customization
It’s the small things that matter. You can customize your festival tickets using our ticket customization feature. For example, let’s say, you’re organizing a shopping festival, you can customize your ticket with a woman carrying multiple shopping bags along with the necessary details required on the ticket.

We Share it for You
Promote your event early if you want a maximum turnout. Be it a famous circus event or a local farm fair, influential marketing can help in ways to make your event popular and attract massive crowds. Once your fair and festival event is ready to be rolled out, use every possible medium to market it online. When you sign up with Yapsody, we share the load. Here’s how we promote your fairs and festivals. We post your events on our website for free, share it on our social media profile. We also promote your festivals through our blogs along with a buy tickets button so your attendees can directly book the tickets through your online ticket store.

Easy To Sell Tickets Online
Selling tickets online can be tricky if the user interface is complex. At Yapsody, you can sell your fair tickets with ease. You simply have to create your event, set up your language, payment method, and start selling your fair and festival tickets online. From mobile apps, MailChimp Integration to ticket customization, Yapsody has a lot to offer. You can select general admission or reserved seating, depending on the activities you organize at the fair. The best part is you can get detailed reports to track your marketing campaign and your sales conversion.

Know Where You Stand
As you promote your fair online, you’d surely want to know if it’s effective or not. You can check the statistics for every marketing campaign you roll out. You can integrate google analytics with your online ticket store and start tracking to check if your marketing strategy is working.

While these fairs and festivals create infinite memories for your attendees, go on and give them the seamless ticketing experience they’re looking for. Take inspiration from our blogs and create beautiful memories for your attendees by setting up your next event with us. Sign up with Yapsody now and save on your costs through our irresistible and exciting offers.

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