Why your Event Space Needs a Live Music Festival

Why your Event Space Needs a Live Music Festival

Are you making the most of your event space? Whether it’s a small or a large open space outside your hotel, event spaces are capable of generating significant revenue for your brand. If you never thought of capitalizing on your event venue, it’s time you start now. According to studies, the live music industry’s revenue will increase to $31 billion in the next 4 years. If you haven’t thought about it yet, you’re losing out on a big opportunity. Are you still in doubt? Here’s why a live music concert or a festival is the best way to monetize any hospitality and entertainment enterprise. 

Crowd Puller
Live music festivals draw large crowds easily. Whether it’s a concert or local band performing, give your event space on rent or simply host a festival. Read our blog on “10 steps to host a successful concert” for more details. While more crowd can mean chaos, make sure you tie up with an ideal event ticketing company so the validations are quick. At Yapsody, we offer mobile apps to our presenters, so they can scan the attendees and give them a seamless experience with no more long queues.

High Revenue
More crowd is equal to higher revenue. Whether you’re hosting the live festival at your hotel or a casino, music festivals help you generate high revenue. Do you want to earn extra cash? Read our blog on “How to make your hotel space a money minting machine”. Get the ticket sales proceeds transferred directly to your bank account with our payment gateway systems. Not just that, if you want to track your earnings, YapStats – our mobile app will give you a clear and detailed report of your sales conversions.

Promote What you’re Good At
Live music festivals can make your event space a big hit. When attendees arrive at your venue, they may want to grab a quick bite before the show so they don’t miss any part of the performance. As they relish the appetizing food, you’re promoting your food indirectly and earning some extra moolah. Similarly, if the concert is at a casino, you can promote your casino and earn extra cash while they play a few games and entertain themselves. To ensure your music event and your venue becomes popular, you’ve got to promote your event well in advance. If it’s a new place, ensure you post pictures of your venue on social media, so people know what to expect at the venue. Alternatively, we can make your event venue popular by promoting it on our website, social media profiles and our blogs.

Recognition through Social Media
All artists have their own fan base. Weeks before the event when the artists promote their events on social media and other platforms, your event space gets recognition. It can become a popular hangout space for your attendees, even when you’re not hosting an event. One successful event will lead to another and you can get contracts for all future concerts/music festivals.

Golden Opportunity to Show you Care
What if your artist is arriving late at the venue? Use this as an opportunity to offer them your other services. For example, if the concert is happening at a hotel, you can take the interested attendees for a hotel tour or offer them your buffet service at a discounted price. If it’s a casino, your attendees can check out your casino, play some quick games before the artist arrives. Offer great customer service and set yourself apart. Yapsody is appreciated for 3 things – features, pricing and customer service. Our 24/7 customer support offers unexceptional service or all queries, be it yours or your attendees’.

Attendees like unconventional event spaces that offer them a unique experience. If you think you’ve got one, go on and create your event with Yapsody. You can check out our really cool offers and save on your ticketing fees. Use our promo code HOLIDAY25 to get a 25% off on your event ticketing fee. Sign up NOW!

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