Why You Should Sell Conference Tickets Online

Why You Should Sell Conference Tickets Online

Conferences are a great place for networking and sharing ideas. Planning a perfect conference can mean sleepless nights for event presenters. With a multitude of tasks to handle, you are capable of jeopardizing the conference if you haven’t planned it right. While planning a conference may be a difficult task, one thing that’s easy to do is to sell tickets online. It has multiple benefits, the major one being you save loads of time. If you’re not yet selling your conference tickets online, here are some reasons why should consider doing it right away.

Save Time
When you sell conference tickets online, you don’t need to manually go to different corporates to sell your tickets. You simply have to sign up with Yapsody, create your event and your conference tickets are up for sale. Secondly, when you’re validating your conference attendees on the d day, you can again save time by using mobile apps at the entry and exit points. The manual process is time-consuming and can create chaos for your conference attendees. You can also add the Yapsody Widget to redirect ticket buyers to your online ticket store which has your personalized subdomain. You can also customize your ticket store with your own brand colors thereby making it a ticket booking experience seamless for your conference attendees.

Professional Event Ticketing System
A professional event calls for a professional event ticketing system. Opting for an ordinary event ticketing system can ruin your image and the event experience for your attendees. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, Yapsody is known for its professional approach and excellent service. When you sign up with Yapsody, your attendees get access to our 24/7 customer support who delivers unexceptional service for any query, be it related to parking or about booking tickets online. Additionally, you can customize your conference event tickets based on the theme you choose.

Save Money
As an event presenter, you’d want your conference to be successful and save costs at the same time. When you sell your conference tickets online through us, you can save a lot on your fees through our best holiday season offers. Conference tickets can turn out to be expensive, especially if it’s a 2 or 3-day affair but since you save a whole lot of ticketing fees using our low priced ticketing system, you can charge your attendees a low fee so they can save that amount and use it for an after-conference party.

Easy Promotion
In the era of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, when most of your attendees are online, promoting your conference can mean a sold-out event. You can target different industries, states and countries. Promote your conference in advance so attendees’ traveling from different parts of the world can make travel plans accordingly. Alternatively, you can sign up with Yapsody and we will promote your events on our social media profiles and the same can be shared by you on yours. You can also use our MailChimp integration to send out conference invites, reminders and access codes for your conference attendees.

Book Anytime, Anywhere
When you plan an international conference, you don’t want your attendees’ to land a day prior only to book the conference. Luckily, today that’s not the case. When you sell tickets online, your attendees can book the conference tickets well in advance from anywhere, anytime.

Pay using Different Options
Have you come across attendees’ who have a hard time booking event tickets online? We make the entire booking process simple, easy and convenient. Your attendees can choose to pay using multiple payment options. At Yapsody, we support multiple payment gateways including PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree and many others for payment processing across 60 countries while supporting 170+ currencies. Whether your conference is in Canada or Australia, we make selling conference tickets a breeze. Our 24/7 customer support is ever-willing to help you and your conference attendees while they are booking tickets on Yapsody, in case you have any queries while booking.

Avoid Overpricing and Fake Tickets
When you’ve invited a great speaker for your conference event, business professionals, freelancers and individuals look forward to it. If it’s a manual ticketing process, your attendees may end up getting fake tickets or overpriced ones through scalpers. When you choose to sell conference tickets with Yapsody, it’s a transparent process. Every ticket has a QR code, which means no fake tickets. Using our online ticketing system, your attendees can buy event tickets from your online ticket store, where you can display multiple ticket types along with the ticket price. Paperless tickets are another advantage of selling tickets online, no hassle of losing your tickets, it’s safe in the email and you can access it anytime.

Reserved Seating
Whether your conference attendee lives 2 blocks ahead or is taking a 4-hour flight to be at your conference, you don’t want them to behave unprofessionally for a seat. Another advantage of selling tickets online is that using our reserved seating feature, they can choose their seats and pay for it online from anywhere. That way, they can attend the event stress-free and enjoy the conference from their favorite spot.

With most people using the internet for buying groceries, online shopping and socializing, announcing offers online can be an effective way of selling conference tickets online. Besides, who doesn’t love offers? Be it a CEO or an executive at a pharmaceutical company, offers like the early bird, group discounts and buy one get one can easily get you a large audience at the conference. That being said, if you’re planning a conference, we’ve got some great offers for you, check our offers page to know more.

Multiple Language Support
Let’s say you want to host a medical conference in Canada and the official language is french. Using our online ticketing system, you can choose from our 15 prominent languages and create your medical conference event. That way, your conference attendees don’t waste time translating the page and set your language right at the start. Your attendees’ too have an option to change the language as per their needs.

When you plan your conference event, there’s a number you probably plan to achieve, the basis which you strategize. With online ticketing, you can track your sales conversions and marketing campaign performance instantly. Alter your marketing or sales strategy to achieve the targeted goal. Once you sign up with Yapsody, you can access our mobile app, YapStats that gives you detailed reports to achieve your target.

You have multiple reasons to make your conference better, one of them is Yapsody. Sign up with us to create some great conferences together. Use our promo code – HOLIDAY25 to avail a flat 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

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