Why You Should Organize a Nonprofit Event This Holiday Season

Why You Should Organize a Nonprofit Event This Holiday Season

Events are one of the best ways to generate revenue for every nonprofit organization. With the holiday season arriving soon, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this once a year opportunity to raise funds. Be it through a charity live music concert or a food and drinks fundraiser event, we’ll tell why you should organize your events this holiday season.

1. The Holiday Season
The holiday season is here! From Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year, you have more than one reason to celebrate. What can be better than celebrating your holiday season through events that offer experience and help you raise funds?

How: This holiday season, line up events for your attendees. Plan them well in advance. Promote them online on social media and event listing websites. Did you know that with Yapsody, you can do more than just sell tickets online? To ensure you have a maximum turnout, we promote your events on our social media profiles and blogs. Additionally, you can use our premium event listing feature to post your events with us for free.

2. Season of Giving
While people love to donate during the holiday season, it becomes a prime time for all nonprofits to work on their goals and achieve their fundraising targets. It’s a great way to boost donations.

How: We at Yapsody offer an ‘Accept Donations’ feature to all our nonprofit event presenters. This feature is specially designed to help you collect donations directly from your online ticket store. Your attendees can donate once they’ve booked their tickets online and help you support your cause. 

3. More Attendees = More Revenue
A lot of travelers plan their travel during the holiday season to enjoy Christmas time with their family. If your events coincide during their stay, you can have more attendees at your event. Make sure you target the travelers in every country while promoting your event, so they can help you raise funds and support your cause. Also, during this time of the year, most businesses offer a Christmas holiday to all their employees. That simply means you can have more turnouts at your event. You can either create incredible events every day at different venues or keep one event and make it a grand. Now, are you looking for ways to raise funds or fundraising event ideas? Read our blog – “10 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Charity Event” to know more.

How: Since you’re planning multiple events, we recommend you to sell tickets online as it will save you time and increase your online ticket sales for charity events. With other ticketing systems, you’d be creating every event from scratch, but at Yapsody, you can copy your existing event and simply make changes to it.

4. NonProfit Offer
Because it’s raining offers! At Yapsody, we offer our nonprofit event presenters a special offer. When you choose our already low priced event ticketing system to sell tickets online, you get a flat 50% off on your event ticketing fees. However, if you’re not a nonprofit organization, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. You can use our holiday season offers and avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fees. Since you save on your fees, you can sell your event tickets at a lower price and increase the online ticket sales for nonprofits.

How: Simply sign up and create an event with Yapsody. Visit our website to find out more. For the others, you can sign up and use our promo code HOLIDAY25 or CHRISTMAS25 to avail of the discount.  

5. More Earnings
While the holiday season fills the air with love, joy and celebration, it also helps to increase your earnings if you’ve planned your charity and fundraisers well in advance. Let your attendees know about your cause well in advance and use online and offline marketing strategies to promote your event. Offer live entertainment to your attendees. That way your attendees will look forward to attending every event you host and in turn help you to increase your earnings and support your cause.
With Yapsody as your ticketing partner, you already save 50% on your event ticketing fees, but when you club it with our ‘Pass on Fees’ feature, you make additional revenue. You want to know how? We’ll tell you.

How: Let’s say you collect $1 from your attendees. With our 50% rebate, you pay us only $0.5 and when you pass on the fees, the remaining $0.5 is borne by your attendees. This means by the end of the month, you only pay 50% of the collected ticketing fee (which is already paid by your attendees). The price that you would have paid us is the additional revenue that can be utilized to make your event profitable.

This holiday season spread the joy, create beautiful events and raise funds for your nonprofit organizations. Offer your attendees an experience of a lifetime and watch them return to you seeking for more. Choose Yapsody for your ticketing needs and use our incredible offers at an unbelievable price. Sign up with Yapsody now!

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